China's open threat, America is playing with fire

 China's open threat, America is playing with fire

China's open threat, America is playing with fire, and China's empty threat should not be considered, it will be our worse enemy, and it is better that America does not support Taiwan. America should stop aid to Taiwan. If this war starts, it will engulf the whole world.

Who is Taiwan owned by?

Differences in Taiwan's status have fueled rising tensions between the island and the mainland. The conflict over Taiwan also has the potential to be a flashpoint in US-China relations. Beijing's ambassador to London - one of his country's top diplomats - made the remarks at a press conference hastily called to respond to top US politician Nancy Pelosi's arrival  Zheng Zeguang said the US spokesman's visit "seriously violated" the long-standing "One China" principle, which means that the democratically-governed Taiwan must not be treated by the United States as an independent authority.

China's open threat, America is playing with fire

The ambassador said Ms. Pelosi's actions had "seriously violated China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and seriously disrupted peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait" a war with them. The American administration has not responded to China's threat. In complete silence, the US will continue to ransom Taiwan. The tension between the two countries is an alarm bell for the world.

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