urdu news: I will kill you no one will be able to find your body Taliban threats to women

 urdu news: I will kill you no one will be able to find your body Taliban threats to women 

urdunews, 'I will kill you, no one will find your body' Taliban threats to women Human rights group Amnesty International has said there has been a 'suffocating' crackdown on women since the Taliban came to power last year. urdunews, Due to this, the lives of Afghan women and girls have been destroyed.

Urdu new, According to the American news agency Associated Press, Amnesty International's report released on Wednesday said that the Taliban has also eliminated measures to protect women who are victims of domestic violence. Urdu new, Women and girls are detained for minor violations which have contributed to the rise in child marriages. In Urdu news, The report also mentions torture and abuse of women arrested by the Taliban for protesting against the ban.

bbc urdunews, Together, these policies create a system of oppression that discriminates against women and girls in almost every aspect of their lives. This suffocating crackdown on the female population of Afghanistan is increasing day by day. bbc urdunews, It should be noted that after capturing the capital Kabul in August 2021 and overthrowing the internationally backed government, the Taliban presented itself as moderate.

dawn urdunews, Initially, Taliban officials talked about allowing women to work and girls to continue their education. But after coming to power, he banned girls from attending school from the seventh grade and restricted women's access to work, which remains in place to this day. dawn urdunews, Amnesty International researchers visited Afghanistan in March this year for a nine-month-long investigation from September 2021 to June 2022. dawn urdunewsThey interviewed 90 women and 11 girls between the ages of 14 and 74 across Afghanistan.

bbc urdu news international, Among them, are women who were detained for protesting. He told of torture at the hands of the Taliban, including threats to kill him or his family. bbc urdu news international, A university student who was detained said that she was given electric shocks on her shoulder, face, neck, and other places and insulted.

urdunews updates, A Taliban official pointed a gun at him and said, "I will kill you, and no one will find your body."urdunews updates,
Another woman told Amnesty International that guards beat her and other women between the breasts and legs 'so that we could not show the world.'urdunews today, According to the woman, one of the guards told her, "I can kill you right now and no one will say anything."urdunews today, The report further states that the rate of early and forced marriages of girls has increased in Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban.

I will kill you no one will be able to find your body Taliban threats to women 

urdunews latest, Closure of girls' schools temporary: Taliban The Taliban said "strong views" on education and women's issues led to the closure of girls' schools. urdunews latest, Speaking to China's official CGTN television channel on Saturday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Qahar Balkhi said the school closures were temporary, not a future ban.

important urdunews, He stated that much of society has strict ideas about women and education, and what women should and shouldn't do. It has been more than three hundred days since girls' high schools were closed in Afghanistan. important urdunews, Kabul officials said the matter was subject to a decision by the Taliban's top leader.

urdunews latest update, The students asked the Taliban authorities to open the school. urdunews latest update, A local student named Fareeha says urdunews latest update, "This is a very unsatisfactory situation. We demand that the Islamic Emirate reopen the school."

breaking urdunews, The international community has repeatedly demanded that the Taliban open schools for girls. breaking urdunews, Last week, the United Nations imposed a travel ban on Taliban leaders who have stripped women of their rights in Afghanistan. breaking urdunews, 
Diplomats said on condition of anonymity that the Taliban's acting deputy minister of education, Syed Ahmad Shahid Khel, and deputy minister of higher education, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, had been placed under travel restrictions. breaking urdunews, 

 urdu news: I will kill you no one will be able to find your body Taliban threats to women 

urdunews websites Travel ban on Taliban leaders who oppose girls' education in Afghanistan The United Nations has imposed a travel ban on Taliban leaders who are depriving women of their rights in Afghanistan. urdunews websites According to French news agency AFP, diplomats said on condition of anonymity that the Taliban's acting deputy education minister Syed Ahmad Shahid Khel and deputy higher education minister Abdul Baqi Haqqani were banned from traveling on Monday.

 urdunews Pakistan, It should be noted that in order to negotiate with other countries, 15 Taliban government officials were allowed to travel abroad, with the period expected to end on urdunews Pakistan,  Monday. urdunews Pakistan,  Among them, the immunity granted to 13 Taliban leaders was extended for another two months. However, in view of the ban on girls' education and the violation of women's rights, two officials of the Ministry of Education were not granted an exemption for international travel.

 urdunews, According to diplomats, the UN sanctions committee lifted the travel ban on 13 Taliban leaders for a limited time after very complex negotiations. urdunews, He further said that due to increasing violations of women's rights, some countries were in favor of ending all concessions to the Taliban on international travel, but some had raised objections.

dawn urdunews, It should be noted that almost two weeks ago, women protested the severe restrictions imposed by the Taliban, chanting slogans of "bread, work, freedom" in the capital, Kabul.
More than 20 women gathered outside the Ministry of Education in a protest demonstration demanding education and employment for women from the Taliban authorities. dawn urdunews, The women said that 'Education is our right, schools should open.' dawn urdunews, Earlier, the top Taliban leader made veiling compulsory for women in his new decree, after which the ministry of Ambar al-Maruf and Nahi-in-ul-Mankar asked female TV presenters to comply with this order.

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