politico news websites usa,Biden tests positive for Covid, but is ‘keeping busy’

 politico news websites usa,Biden tests positive for Covid, but is ‘keeping busy’

politico news websites USA, President Joe Biden has tested positive for Covid, the White House said Thursday, raising concerns about his immediate health and highlighting the pandemic's lingering politico political news, shadow over his presidency. politico current news,The White House said Biden, who is fully vaccinated and double-boosted, is experiencing "very mild" symptoms. politico news websites usa,

politico news websites usa,Biden tests positive for Covid, but is ‘keeping busy’
politico news websites usa,Biden tests positive for Covid, but is ‘keeping busy’

politico political news, He also started taking the antiviral pill Paxlovid from Pfizer. The drug, taken within five days of the onset of symptoms, was found to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death by almost 90 percent in adults at highest risk of severe disease.politico political news, 

"politico current news, In accordance with CDC guidelines, he will be isolated at the White House and will continue to fully perform all of his duties during that time," White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement.politico current news,  This period of isolation will last at least five days, but the president will not return to normal activities until he receives a negative antigen test, politico current news,  White House Covid response coordinator Ashish Jha said during a press briefing Thursday, saying the White House was going "behind" the CDC. Covid management.

politico article today, Biden took the PCR test as part of a routine screening program, the president's physician, Kevin C. O'Connor, wrote in the letter. politico article today, 

latest political news today politico, The president began experiencing mild symptoms, including a runny nose, fatigue, and the occasional cough, according to a doctor, on Wednesday evening. He also reported restless sleep, Jha saidlatest political news today politico, adding that Biden was breathing well with normal oxygen levels. The exact timing of when Biden's symptoms began is unclear, as his doctor suggested the cough and cold began Wednesday night, the latest political news today politico, while Jha said the symptoms began Thursday morning.

news today politico, While taking Paxlovid, the president stopped his cholesterol and blood-thinning medications — a common practice when taking antivirals, Jha confirmed. news today politico, The White House physician consulted with infectious disease experts from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and George Washington University as part of a plan created in case Biden tested positive. news today politicoThe President is fully vaccinated and doubly fortified, so I expect him to respond favorably, as most maximally protected patients do," the doctor wrote.

politico news websites USA,Biden tests positive for Covid, but is ‘keeping busy’

latest politico news, The announcement came just before Biden was scheduled to travel to Pennsylvania for an event to discuss gun violence and also attend a Democratic fundraiser that evening. It also comes just after Biden's return from a trip to the Middle Eastlatest politico news,  and the highly contagious BA.5 subvariant of the coronavirus has sparked fears of another wave of infections around the world. In his first tweet since testing positive, Biden blithely assured the public that he was latest politico news, "doing great" and thanked people for their concern.

politico news today headlines, "Busy!" Biden wrote, referring to a phone call with Pennsylvania lawmakers. In which he apologized for canceling a planned performance. He planned to visit Scranton to propose a sharp increase in police funding, politico news today headlines, The Associated Press reported. Vice President Kamala Harris tested negative for Covid Thursday morning, a White House official said. politico news today headlines, She was last with Biden on Tuesday.

politico breaking news today, Prior to Biden's diagnosis, Harris was scheduled to spend the day in North Carolina, touring a community computer lab and holding a roundtable discussion on abortion with state lawmakers before returning to Washington in the evening. politico breaking news politico news websites USA, Biden tests positive for Covid, but is ‘keeping busy’ today,  She kept her plans. During a speech in Charlotte on Thursday afternoon, Harris said she spoke with Biden on the phone that morning. He's in a good mood. politico breaking news today, " He feels good. He is doing well,” she said.

current news politico, First lady Jill Biden tested negative for Covid Thursday morning, her spokesman Michael LaRosa said. But because he is in close contact, he will follow CDC guidelines on masking and distancing and plans to current news politico, and keep scheduled visits to Michigan and Georgia on Thursday.

politico breaking, LaRosa later said the first lady will remain at the family home in Wilmington, Delaware, until Tuesday while the president is isolated at the White House. He's going to be testing more intensively over the next few days because he's in close contact," LaRosa said.politico breaking, 

Latest news on politico, t's unclear where Biden contracted the virus, Jean-Pierre said Thursday, but the White House health unit has begun contact tracing to identify and notify anyone who would be Ilatest news on politico, considered close contact with the president, as defined by the CDC.

politico latest news and headlines, The president returned from a trip to Massachusetts on Wednesday, where he came into contact with a number of people. Traveling with the president were members of the Massachusetts delegation, including Democratic senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Jake Auchincloss. politico latest news and headlines, Both Markey and Auchincloss tested negative Thursday and will continue to test, while Warren will mask in public and test within five days per CDC guidelines, according to lawmakers' spokespeople.

latest news from politico, It will be crucial for the Biden administration to show in the coming days that the president can fulfill his responsibilities, former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in an interview with MSNBC. latest news from politico, The White House communications team did this after Biden tested positive, posting updates on how he was doing and photos showing him working in the White House residence.politico news websites usa,Biden tests positive for Covid, but is ‘keeping busy’

politico headlines today, The video featuring the president was posted on his Twitter account Thursday afternoon. Biden spoke on a balcony overlooking the White House lawn. I'm good. I'm doing a lot of work — I'm going to continue to do that," Biden said, politico headlines today,

latest from politico, The announcement of his infection comes as the White House struggles to manage the crisis on multiple fronts. It also comes as the administration has sought to project a new phase in the fight against the pandemic,latest from politico,  one in which the country will largely learn to live with and manage the virus.

politico latest, About 126,000 new infections are reported each day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is about a 26 percent increase from a month ago and the highest total since mid-February.politico latest, These numbers are widely understood to be an undercount due to the prevalence and ease of home testing for those who test at all.

breaking news headlines politico, Case numbers are still below the peak of the Delta surge last summer and well below the Omicron winter wave, when up to 1 million Americans contracted Covid each day.breaking news headlines politico,politico news websites usa,Biden tests positive for Covid, but is ‘keeping busy’

politico breaking news alerts, The White House continues to aggressively push for Americans to either get vaccinated or get booster shots — only one-third of eligible Americans have received their first booster shot. And there were early concerns in the West Wing that if the president were to become infected, politico breaking news alerts,it would give fodder to vaccine skeptics and critics of the Covid mandate, as West Wing Playbook reported in January.

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