geo news today : Lawmake Officer in Uvalde video husband of slain teacher

geo news today : Lawmake Officer in Uvalde video husband of slain teacher
geo news today: Lawmaker Officer in Uvalde video husband of slain teacher

geo news today, The Uvalde police officer criticized for a video of himself checking his phone during the massacre at Robb Elementary School is the husband of a teacher who was killed in a classroom and contacted him after he was shot, according to a Texas lawmaker investigating the shooting.

geo news, Texas Republican Joe Moody has come to the defense of Ruben Ruiz after the officer was singled out by some social media users as an example of shocking inaction by law enforcement during the May 24 attack. He checks his phone for a moment before the officers closer to the classroom run back down the hall after the shots are fired.

 geo news urdu, Moody said on Twitter Wednesday that the officer was the husband of Eva Mireles, one of two teachers killed along with 19 children in their fourth-grade classroom. I didn't plan to speak publicly until the news was out, but I couldn't say anything when I saw this man who had lost everything, slandered as if he was uncaring or actively malicious. Context matters,” Moody tweeted.

geo news lives, Video from the hallway shows Ruiz quickly glancing at his phone while holding onto the end of the hallway around 11:36 a.m. Three minutes earlier, the shooter is seen walking down the hall and entering a classroom. Authorities previously said body camera footage later showed Ruiz entering the building through the west door at 11:48 a.m. and telling officers, "She's shot."McCraw called it a "tremendous failure" that police ended up waiting more than an hour before confronting the shooter.

Pelosi slams 168 Republicans who voted against a bill 

geo news urdu live, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday chastised Republicans who voted against a bipartisan bill that would have created an Amber Alert-like system for active shooter situations.

geo tv, Late Wednesday, the House voted 260-169 to approve the legislation, with 169 Republicans and one Democrat (Wisconsin Rep.

geo news lives, The Active Shooter Alert Act — sponsored by Reps. David Cicilline, D-R.I., and Fred Upton, R-Mich. — would allow law enforcement agencies to implement an alert system to notify the public when there is an active shooter threat in schools and community centers.

 geo news urdu live, How can these Republicans vote against it?" One hundred sixty-eight Republicans voted, 'No, we don't want an Amber Alert if someone shoots up a school nearby,'" Pelosi added.

 geo news headlines, Forty-three Republicans and 218 Democrats voted in favor of the measure, which now heads to the Senate.

geo news today breaking news, His passage comes after a series of recent deadly mass shootings, including the May 24 Uvalda, Texas, elementary school massacre, and the July 4 parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

geo news live tv, The suspected Highland Park shooter was on the loose for nearly eight hours, and police said he managed to drive to Wisconsin before being arrested near Chicago. In that case, law enforcement could use the proposed alert system to alert the public to the threat, rather than relying on television and social media.

geo breaking news urdu, "We need to give law enforcement all the tools they need to neutralize these threats and keep our communities safe," Cicilline said as he introduced the legislation. "This law helps to do this in a simple and effective way.

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