Idaho’s Black communities celebrate Juneteenth with joy, food, dance and community

 Celebrations were organized throughout Gem State, including Boise, Twin Falls, Lapwai and Rexburg

juneteenth, With live performances, local vendors, food, and dancing, members of the public gathered to celebrate the fourth annual “Family Function” on Juneteenth Saturday at Julia Davis Park in Boise. Over the weekend, Juneteenth Idaho and Black Liberation Collective collaborated with local organizations and black-owned businesses such as The Honey Pot CBD, 2C Yoga, Honey’s Holistics, Cut-N-Up, and Amina’s African Sambusas, among many others.

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juneteenth meaning, Last year, the federal government and the federal government signed a law defining June 19 - known as June - as an official holiday. Although declared a public holiday last year, Juneteenth has historically been celebrated by black communities across the country in honor of the liberation of Native Americans who were enslaved at the end of the Civil War. June 19, 1865 - two years after President (Abraham) Lincoln declared that all enslaved people were free - Maj. Texas” said a government proclamation announcing a state holiday.

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juneteenth meaning, The Boise community was not the only city in Idaho to celebrate June this weekend. Holiday celebrations have been held throughout the region and there are events taking place in Twin Falls and Lapwai. Students from Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg will also celebrate the day on Monday.

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juneteenth flag, “June is a month of great joy for black people abroad. It gives us strength to know that people like you who share the same heritage are all here in Idaho, even if we don't see each other often, ”said Prisca Hermene, a Congolese Boose volunteer who played. at Boise's event. Throughout the event, promoters were reminding attendees to remain hydrated, well-nourished, and aware of the consideration of COVID-19.

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juneteenth holiday, Concerns after Patriot Front arrest in North IdahoPatriot Front members were arrested on June 11 for plotting to provoke a riot after a 911 call alerted police to a crowd of men inside a Ha-Haul truck.

The non-profit leaders who participated in the Boise Juneteenth event expressed their thoughts on the incident. "It's scary and exciting. You would never think, ‘Oh that Ha-Haul truck is carrying people who don’t like me because I’m Black,’ ”said Whitley Hawk, founder of Inclusive Idaho. "There are groups of people who say that racism does not exist, but then you have people who feel comfortable enough to get into a situation where they do not live to allow it."

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juneteenth history, There was a similar feeling of sadness, fear, and tragedy among the leaders who were running the booths on June 10. However, some expressed appreciation for those who were preventing the possible unrest.

Shari Baber, president of the Boise Soul Food Festival, vice president of the Idaho Black Community Alliance, and a board member of the educational organization Brown Like Me, said he was proud of the man who decided to call the police to prevent a possible incident. be painful.

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 What's juneteenth, Yes. But for me, I would be very upset if they all came out of Idaho. Most of them have come here somewhere, and that to me is that they had to go out of our community to get their numbers, ”Baber said. Baber recommended that people move out of their comfort zone as one way Idahoans can make people of color feel safe in their communities.

June 19th holiday,

June 19th holiday, “If you pull out your camera, and in all of your group photos everyone looks just like you, you probably have some work to do. Get out of your comfort zone and attend these events, support a black business, or go to the Idaho Black Community Alliance website to find more than 85 black businesses located here in Idaho. ”In addition to the recent events in North Idaho, this year's thirteenth-anniversary celebration of the ability of Black citizens to grow and develop their united community in the province.

happy juneteenth,

happy juneteenth, Juneteenth organizer Claire-Marie Owens has returned to Idaho after a 12-year absence have you considered leaving Idaho permanently for the sake of feeling unwelcome? No. Her identity as a black woman and resident of Idaho is what she is. Idaho is where I come from. That's where I want to be and where I want to be, ”Owens said.

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