geo news:China will not hesitate to start a war on Taiwan


geo news:China will not hesitate to start a war on Taiwan
geo news: China will not hesitate to start a war on Taiwan

China will not hesitate to start a war in Taiwan: the Chinese Defense Minister has warned its US counterpart Beijing will not hesitate to start a war if Taiwan declares independence.

According to the French news agency AFP, the warning came from Chinese Defense Minister Wei Feng on Friday as he addressed United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin near the Shangri-La Dialogue security summit in Singapore. Direct meeting.

China's defense minister said, "if anyone has the courage to divide Taiwan and China, Chinese troops will not hesitate to start a war by any means."

According to China's Ministry of Defense, Defense Minister Wei Feng has vowed that Beijing will thwart a "Taiwanese liberation" conspiracy.

Beijing has declared Taiwan to be a democratic and independent Taiwan and has vowed to one day take over Taiwan if necessary.

Tensions between China and the United States over Taiwan have intensified in recent months.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stressed the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and opposed the united changes in the current state of Taiwan.

Controversy is high over the arrival of Chinese warplanes in Taiwan's defense zone.

During a visit to Japan last month, US President Joe Biden said, "If China invades Taiwan, Washington will protect Taiwanese troops."

Zhou Fenglin, a spokesman for the Chinese Council on Taiwan News, said: “The United States is playing a Taiwanese card to control China, but it will burn itself out.

The US warns China over "military, diplomatic and economic pressure" on Taiwan

The US warns China of "military, communications and economic pressures" in Taiwan

American Department

Earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken spoke with his Wang Yi counterpart and expressed concern over China's continued military, ethnic and economic pressures in Taiwan, the State Department said in a statement.

 in all the stories that reflect the aspirations and interests of the people of Taiwan. ۔ '

The United States has repeatedly backed Taiwan against Chinese "violence".

US warship once again passes through Taiwan Strait, China strongly condemned

US warship passes through Taiwan Strait again, China strongly condemns US warship has once again passed through the sensitive maritime area of ​​Taiwan Strait, which the US military has called normal activity, but China has denied it. Concerns and concerns have been raised and it has been described as an attempt to create tension in the region.

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