geo news: What’s in the Senate’s new gun control bill

 Senate voted to extend bipartisan gun control on Tuesday, hoping to pass it before July 4th. All 50 members of the Democratic Alliance caucus have joined 14 Republicans in advancing the rule of law. The bill comes in the wake of a spate of mass shootings, geo news particularly in Buffalo, N.Y., and Uvalde, Texas.

The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act falls short of extended proposals passed by House Democrats and is already facing opposition from senior House Republicans. However, if it becomes law, geo news the bill will become the sweeping gun safety law passed by Congress for decades.

geo news: What’s in the Senate’s new gun control bill
geo news: What’s in the Senate’s new gun control bill

The main negotiators of the bill - Sens. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., John Cornyn, R-Texas, Kyrsten Movies, D-Ariz., And Thom Tillis, R-N.C. -geo news  issue a joint statement to celebrate the agreement. Our law will save lives and will not violate any rights of the second amendment of the American people. We look forward to gaining extensive support, which is part of both sides, and to making our commonsense law legal. "

Here are some of the key provisions of the 80-page bill. Under the law, $ 750 million will be allocated over the next five years to help countries implement the red flag laws, allowing geo news authorities to temporarily seize firearms from people considered a threat to them. or others. (Similar laws already exist in 19 states and in the District of Columbia.) The law allows for the implementation of these programs through mental health, drug, and veteran courts.

Republicans involved in the negotiations are obliged to ensure that no one is held hostage without "the right to a fair trial, an impartial judge, geo news the right to know dissenting evidence, the right to present evidence, and the right to face opposing witnesses," and the right to seek counsel.

geo news Under the bill, all countries will be able to use the new key dollars to expand their programs to try to stop dangerous people, people who think of killing more people or committing suicide, so that they can access weapons that allow them to advance crime.

Although married couples, parents, or roommates who have been convicted of domestic violence have already been banned from buying firearms, abusers and single-sex offenders are still able to purchase firearmsgeo news  creating a so-called "boyfriend hole." (According to Everytown, geo news  a firearms protection team, about 70 women are shot and killed by people close to them every month.) Under the new law, anyone convicted of domestic violence against a former or current partner will be barred from buying a weapon.

Republican talks have pushed for a stronger definition of who will qualify as a dating partner and the length of time they can afford to buy a gun. geo news  This law will no longer apply, which means a person will have to be convicted of domestic violence after the law came into force before they could be deprived of their right to buy a firearm. "Unless a person is convicted of domestic violence under state law, their gun rights will not be violated," Cornyn said in a statement.

"Those convicted of non-marital non-marital abuse - not a crime, but unjust domestic violence - will have the opportunity after five years to have their second amendment rights restored. But they must have a clean record." geo news  The law requires an extension of the domain test for consumers under the age of 21, which provides three business days for the check to complete their criminal history and mental health. If that background check finds something suspicious in the potential buyer's record, the law will provide for another seven business days to track the buyer.

geo news Funding for mental health and school security The bill provides funding to increase access to mental health services, including making it easier for Americans on Medicaid to access telehealth services and work with “providers and community-based mental health and drug organizations.

The bill also provides $ 300 million for the STOP School Violence Act to increase school safety, although some Democrats have expressed concern about this part of the bill. Last week, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., geo news said she was concerned about "the expansion of domain testing of children's records," saying earlier efforts to protect schools were ineffective and dangerous.

we have seen, that it has increased crime. Youth in communities like mine. The law would also require that many dealers register geo news “as licensed firearms dealers,” including anyone selling firearms in order to “make a profit.” These sellers will be required to check the domain for potential buyers and to keep auction records.

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