geo news: UKrain War kamikaze drone attack sparKs fire at Russian oil refinery

 A "kamikaze drone" hit an oil refinery in Russia, causing a fire to erupt. The Novoshakhtinsk oil refinery in the Russian region of Rostov, geo news on the Ukraine border, has suspended operations after a possible strike by a possible aircraft, regional governor Vasily Golubev said on social media. He said a fire had broken out in the refinery, and two wreckage was found in the refinery.

geo news: Ukraine war  Kamikaze drone attack sparks fire at Russian oil refinery
geo news: Ukraine war  Kamikaze drone attack sparks fire at a Russian oil refinery

Local paramedics said the fire had been extinguished. Germany has warned Russia not to seek further retaliation by shutting down EU-sanctioned goods to Moscow in Kaliningrad. Germany "strongly denies"geo news Russia's threats of "serious" consequences of suspending traffic, government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit told a news conference.

Lithuania would be ready if Russia cut off power from the regional power grid in retaliation by blocking the transfer of other Russian goods by train to Moscow's Kaliningrad exclave, but no military clashes are expected, geo news its president said today. He was speaking after the Kremlin warned Lithuania on Tuesday that Moscow would respond to a ban on EU-sanctioned shipments of goods to Kaliningrad in such a way that citizens of the Baltic country would be hurt.

Kaliningrad is between Nato members Poland and Lithuania and is provided by train via Lithuanian territory. Lithuania closed its route to smuggle steel and other metals from Russia on Friday, saying it should have done so under EU sanctions that went into effect that day.

The Italian foreign minister has left his party, the Five Star Movement, in a heated debate over whether Italy should continue to support a strong Anglo-American faction against Russia by sending weapons to Ukrainians, reports Nick Squires in Rome. Luigi Di Maio's departure is a blow to the Five Star geo news Movement, which has seen its support drop from 33 percent in the last few years to 12 percent in the recent domestic elections.

geo news The foreign minister, who will continue to be a key member of the ruling coalition, will take on at least 60 members of Parliament and Senators and intend to establish a new political party in parliament. For weeks there have been tensions between the ruling coalition over Ukraine's support for the war against Russia.

Five Star and the hard-right League group, both soft-spoken in Moscow in the past, have opposed the sending of more weapons to Kyiv and called for immediate peace talks. Russia could cut off the gas in Europe completely as it is. geo news seeks to strengthen its political power during the Ukraine crisis, the head of the International Energy Agency said today, adding that Europe needed to prepare now.

Russia's Foreign Ministry has accused Germany of not cooperating with Russia in a statement marking the day of the Soviet occupation of the Soviet Union in 1941 as Ukraine was in turmoil. Ukraine's geo news largest steel company has urged consumers not to buy products manufactured in its factories in Mariupol because they fear they could be stolen by Russian troops playing in the southern city.

Metinvest said in a statement that more than 234,000 tons of steel products manufactured by its industrial Ilyich Steel and Azovstal were stored in Mariupol when the Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24. geo news The two plants have not cooperated with Russian representatives since Russian forces and separatists took full control of Mariupol in May, it said.

Russian troops have blocked Ukrainian ports on the Back and Azov seas, preventing Azovstal and Ilyich Steel from shipping products to European and Middle East customers. geo news But ships loaded with grain and steel will soon leave Mariupol, a Russian opposition leader said last week. "Metinvest businesses have emphasized the potential for theft and smuggling of Ukrainian steel products," Metinvest said in a statement.

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