geo news: Seoul: North Korea fires suspected artillery shells into sea

 North Korea tested what appeared to be sea shells on Sunday, South Korean troops said, days after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called for a strong defense in order to deal with foreign threats.

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said it had found several airstrips believed to be North Korea on Sunday morning. It said in a statement that South Korea was continuing its strong military preparations in cooperation with the United States amid growing North Korean surveillance.

geo news: Seoul: North Korea fires suspected artillery shells into sea
geo news: Seoul: North Korea fires suspected artillery shells into sea

During a national security conference convened to discuss the launch, South Korean officials expressed concern that North Korea was developing a nuclear weapons program that would jeopardize South Korea and vowed to crack down on North Korea's efforts, according to the South Korean president's office.

The Northern Arms Exploration attracts less attention than the launch of its arrows. But its long-range rifles are a major security threat to the South Korean metropolitan area, which is only 40-50 miles (25-30 miles) from the North Korean border.

The alleged arms embargo was the latest in a series of North Korean weapons tests this year in what international experts call an attempt to pressure its rivals Washington and Seoul to ease international sanctions against Pyongyang and make further agreements.

South Korean and American officials have recently said that North Korea has almost completed preparations for its first nuclear test in about five years. In March, North Korea unveiled a ballistic intercontinental missile test capable of reaching the U.S. in violation of the law to suspend major arrow trials in 2018.

In a speech at a ruling party meeting last week, Kim emphasized the need to strengthen the country's military capabilities, saying the current security situation was "extremely dire."

Kim's speech to state media did not mention the United States or South Korea. But he is still setting up “military operations” to be pursued by his armed forces and scientists, which is a suggestion for him to move forward with his advanced arm-building programs.

The new North Korean nuclear test could be the seventh of its kind. Some experts say that North Korea will use the test to develop nuclear weapons that will be used in nuclear weapons targeting South Korea.

2022 midterms: What to watch in S Carolina, Nevada, and Maine

2022 midterms: What to watch in S Carolina, Nevada, and Maine

Top voters on Tuesday will decide on the future of two South Carolina Republicans holding their seats in the US House after insulting Donald Trump, while in Nevada the favorite party of the former president's approval faces a more difficult challenge than expected in the US Senate.

Meanwhile, in Maine, a former bellicose governor who once said "Trump before Trump" has retired from Florida to challenge the enemy of his old career.

Basic tournaments in South Carolina, Nevada, and Maine on Tuesday will provide the latest test of Trump's political brand. North Dakota is also holding elections, although US Republican Senator John Hoeven is not facing a tough rival.

Trump has supported former state attorney general Adam Laxalt in the U.S. Senate and Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo replaces the governor. How well they did on Tuesday will measure the strength of Trump's approval, which has brought mixed results in this season's mid-term campaign.

Laxalt's political ancestry helped make him a top athlete. His grandfather Paul Laxalt was a Nevada governor and manager. And Laxalt's father is dead Sen. U.S. Pete Domenici from New Mexico, who publicly admitted that he was her father for the first time in 2013. In addition to Trump, Laxalt also has the go-ahead to establish the Washington GOP as he seeks to run in November against the first-ever. Democratic Alliance official Catherine Cortez Masto, is considered a high-risk senator.

But Laxalt, who grew up close to Washington, D.C., and served as an attorney general for the Armed Forces, faces a more serious challenge.

Retired Army Captain Sam Brown, a West Point graduate and a badly burned Purple Heart recipient in Afghanistan, runs like an outsider. It has attracted crowds and gained the support of those who view Laxalt as its most comfortable setting. He also has the approval of the Nevada Republican Party.
In the race for the governor, Lombardo, head of the Las Vegas Police Department, hopes to face Democratic Alliance Government Steve Sisolak in November. But first, he must go through the Republican main challenge from the former U.S. Senator. Dean Heller and Joey Gilbert, a lawyer and former boxer, who was out of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

In addition to the tent races, the country’s primary Republican secretary-general will also provide some measure of Trump’s adherence to the GOP. Nevada State Secretary Barbara Cegavske, of the Republic, is stepping down due to time constraints. In 2020, he refused to comply with Trump's pressure to cancel his victory in the country's presidential election, and vowed never to "put my finger on the scales of democracy."

Six Republicans vying for the seat, including Jim Marchant, a former state attorney who has accepted Trump's lies about voter fraud in the country. His website makes it very clear: "The first number I will look at is the redesign of the fraudulent electoral system in Nevada."
Democrats rallied behind Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar, a former lawyer Harry Reid, a former Democratic Senate leader who died last year.

Honesty can be a variable for Trump. And its perceived deficit is a force that is causing tremendous challenges in two Republics of South Carolina in the U.S. House. Attorney Nancy Mace worked on Trump's 2016 campaign and received his approval when he fired former Democrat candidate Joe Cunningham from the coastal region four years later.

But shortly after his inauguration, a pro-Trump mob stormed the US Capitol, and Mace went on national television announcing that "Trump's entire estate was destroyed" by the attack. Trump became furious and challenged the former district attorney Katie Arrington, who helped oust Mark Sanford from the U.S. House in 2018.

In Congress, Mace wanted to fix the fence - kind of. He voted against Trump's second conviction and opposed the establishment of a 9/11-style commission to investigate the source of the January 6 attacks, which were fueled by Trump's lies about a rigged election.

But he also voted to arrest former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon for insulting Congress for refusing to co-operate with the January 6 inquiry. Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, a firefighter and Trump acolyte. Mace is not the only South Carolina candidate to offend her.

Trump has also called on rivals to U.S. Attorney General Tom Rice, after he voted to criticize the president for the January 6 coup. Trump eventually agreed with state attorney Russell Fry, who played TV commercials likening Rice to criminals including Satan. Fry told voters during a recent debate that "we will vote to criticize Tom Rice at the ballot box."

Rice, on the other hand, has focused on important but very rare issues, such as his success in securing financial rehabilitation funding and the assistance of district farmers during his five tenure.
Maine's gubernatorial primaries are just official, there is one Democrat and one Republican seeking office. But they will be trapped in what they promise to be a secret election, fighting with two long-standing enemies.

Democratic Alliance leader Janet Mills is seeking a second term. He has been a regional attorney, district attorney, and general lawyer for Maine who had been at loggerheads with Republican Paul LePage during his tenure. Now he challenges her.

Surprisingly, the two of them even competed.LePage, who once described himself as "Trump before Trump," moved to Florida after leaving office in 2019 following two angry words that often drew international attention with his obscene speech.

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