geo news: Rwanda migrant removal policy faces court challenges

 geo news: Rwanda migrant removal policy faces court challenges Government's immigration policy to send asylum seekers to Rwanda will face two challenges in the courts on Monday. A Supreme Court judge on Friday ruled that the first flight to the east of the country could continue on Tuesday but this would be challenged in the Court of Appeal. The complaint was lodged by the Public and Commercial Services (PCS), which represents more than 80% of Border Force personnel, as well as Care4Calais and Detention Action.

The second case is expected to be heard in the Supreme Court on Monday after Asylum Aid, a refugee organization, filed a motion to bar the government from flying to Rwanda. Mr. Justice Swift, who handed down the verdict in the first case on Friday, will hear the second case.

geo news: Rwanda migrant removal policy faces court challenges
geo news: Rwanda migrant removal policy faces court challenges

It comes as Rwandan High Commissioner Johnston Busingye told The Telegraph that Rwanda would be a "safe haven" for immigrants after The Times and the Daily Mail reported that the Prince of Wales was allegedly "alarming" in secret.

Mr. Busingye, writing in the paper, said: "Unfortunately many negotiations have questioned our motives for entering into a relationship or questioned our ability to provide a safe haven for those in need - as was the case in the courts on Friday."He continued: "There is no doubt that we are a work in progress, all countries are still in development, but modern Rwanda is not visible in the country that was established worldwide in 1994."

On Sunday, PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said the union hoped it could overcome its grievances and suspend its first deportation flight. He told Sky's Sophy Ridge on Sunday's program: "We hope to win tomorrow in the Court of Appeal to suspend the flight (Tuesday).

“However, the validity of these proposals will only be considered in the full court in July."We are absolutely convinced that in July, in line with what the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) has explicitly stated in court, we believe these proposals will be found to be invalid."

geo news: Rwanda migrant removal policy faces court challenges

As of Friday, 130 people had been notified that they could be evacuated. On Friday, the London High Court heard that 31 people were flying for the first time, and the Home Affairs Office is planning further planning this year.

But the Telegraph reported that fewer than 10 people were expected on the first flight. The first anti-policy lawsuit was filed on behalf of others seeking asylum alongside PCS, as well as Care4Calais and Detention Action - who are challenging the policy on behalf of everyone involved.

However, Mr. Justice Swift issued a decision opposing the temporary approval of the policy until a full hearing next month, adding: "I do not think the balance of conviction favors the provision of general assistance."

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