geo news: A day of mourning in remembrance of Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union, 'Putin fell ill?

 geo news On a day of mourning in remembrance of Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union, geo news 'Putin fell ill?' Fighting with each other on June 22 is celebrated as a day of mourning on both sides. Meanwhile, Russian President Putin has reportedly fallen ill.

According to Reuters, Russia's weight in the months-long war between the two countries appears to be heavy because of the heavy weapons it possesses.

geo news:  A day of mourning in remembrance of Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union, 'Putin fell ill?
geo news:  A day of mourning in remembrance of Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union, 'Putin fell ill?

This is a fact that was recently acknowledged by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in his televised address. geo news He said that thanks to a good strategy, the Ukrainian army is strengthening its defenses in Luhansk.

The provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk are collectively known as Donbas, where Russian-backed separatists have been fighting the Ukrainian army since 2014.geo news On June 22, 1941, on the eve of World War II, Hitler's Nazi German forces invaded the then-Soviet Union.

It is also considered a symbol of mourning in neighboring Belarus because Belarus was part of the Soviet Union at the time. geo news After Hitler's invasion, the war lasted for 1418 days, during which, according to one estimate, about 270 Soviet soldiers and civilians were killed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who says Russia has launched a "special military operation" in Ukraine to root out the Nazis, will lay flowers at the memorial today. geo news On the other hand, the Ukrainian government and its supporters denounce the Russian invasion and say that Putin has started such a big war for no reason.

Russia's Defense Ministry on Wednesday released war-related documents, including those accusing Germany of bombing churches and cemeteries by the Soviet Union. had gone.

Russia's Defense Ministry said in a statement that "in 1941, as today, the Nazis used provocative measures to discredit our state." geo news Russian President Putin's illness

Meanwhile, AFP quoted a local Russian website as saying that Russian President Putin, who will turn 70 in October, had fallen ill, but it was difficult to confirm.geo news According to the report, information about Putin's health was published on a Russian-language website in April, using open source data, stating that Putin had met with a panel of doctors in Sochi.

The panel also included thyroid cancer specialist Eugene Selvanov. Most of them have been visiting Sochi since the days when Putin disappeared from public view.

Was Hitler himself of Jewish descent?

Was Hitler himself of Jewish descent? The American scholar Leonard Sax has made some new statements about Hitler being of Jewish descent, suggesting that the Nazi leader of Germany, geo news Adolf Hitler, was, in fact, a Jew. Hitler hated the Jews and was bent on their genocide.
According to Russian TV, the American scholar has published the results of his research dissertation in a European research magazine. They analyzed the memoirs of Hans Frank, Hitler's legal adviser, and tried to prove that Hitler's grandfather was Jewish.
Hans Frank wrote his memoirs in 1946. The memo was published 10 years after his execution. He was sentenced to death by a Nuremberg court, which tried Nazis after World War II.
Hans Frank wrote in his memoirs that Hitler had asked him in 1930 to find out if his grandfather was Jewish. Hitler gave him this responsibility after a threat from his nephew William Patrick. The nephew threatened Hitler with proving that he was Jewish.
Hans Frank discovered that Hitler's grandfather was Jewish. He lived in the house in Greater Austria, where Hitler's grandmother, Maria Anna Sheikelgruber, worked.geo news
Frank writes in his memoirs that he learned of this from a study of the correspondence between Maria Anna Schickelgruber and Frankenberger. Frankenberger owned the house where Hitler's grandmother worked.
The correspondence indicated that Maria Anna was about to become a mother as a result of an illicit affair with Frankenberger's son. As a result of this situation, Frankenberger was forced to pay non-maintenance to Maria.
According to the memo, geo news Frankenberger kept sending money to Hitler's grandmother. This continued until the illegitimate son was 14 years old. Frankenberger secretly sent money. He was afraid he might be dragged to court. He feared that his family would be discredited. He did not go to court or send money in a formal manner.
American scholar Leonard Sacks has pointed out that many scholars have raised questions regarding Hans Frank's memoirs. He described the authenticity of the memoirs as questionable, noting that there were no Jews in the Austrian city of Greater at the time, so the story told in the memoirs has become meaningless.
Leonard Sax says he has found evidence that confirms that the Jewish community lived in the city. Were geo news Leonard Sacks, after analyzing historical information, concluded that a quarter of Hitler was Jewish.
It is noteworthy that scholars have been researching for decades on the possibility of Hitler being a Jew, but they have not yet been able to come up with solid and convincing evidence in support of their ideology.

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