At least 6 dead 42 injured in weekend mass shootings across US,geo news,

 geo news, A scuffle between at least two men turned the crowded Philadelphia highway into a nightmare on Saturday night after they pulled out their guns and began firing at each other.  A few hours later, in Chattanooga, Tenn., A massive shooting outside the bar caused people to flee in panic. Three people were killed, including one who was hit by a car, and 14 were injured, most of them with gunshot wounds. And at parties in Phoenix,

At least 6 dead  42 injured in weekend mass shootings across US,geo news,
At least 6 dead and 42 injured in weekend mass shootings across the US, geo news,

 geo news, Chester, Va., And Summerton, S.C., the celebrations turned sour with a mass shooting that resulted in at least three deaths and 22 injuries, most of them children. Although shootings across the country are starting to increase as the summer draws to a close, scenes of the number of people killed over the weekend in Buffalo, Uvalde, Texas, and Tulsa, Okla., Have left cities shaking but, apparently, unscathed.

"People are afraid to take their children out of their homes," Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said in an interview. But he added that he had little to say to reassure fearful or distressed citizens. "The words are difficult," said Mr. Kenney. "Words these days are somewhat empty."

As of Sunday evening, police in his town had announced that no arrests had been made. Earlier, spilled shells were still strewn across South Street as investigators searched for more clues. Dots below what looked like blood, as well as blue tape on the store grounds marking bullet holes, make this place, one of Philadelphia's most famous nightlife spots, like a battlefield.

geo news, The night before, hundreds of people had left the bar, restaurants, and music venues of the region. Joe Pepe was with his girlfriend and friends eating outside Paddy Whacks, an Irish bar on South Street a few blocks from where the shooting took place. Power was rampant at sunset, he said as if hundreds of young people on the busy streets were gathered in groups and dancing on cars.

The kids were running up the roof of the parked car, and all of us who were trying to enjoy the night were starting to feel uncomfortable, "said Mr. Pepe, 33. Later, a fight broke out. And at about 11:30 p.m., local videos show what happened next: dozens of gunfire, screams, and people fleeing.

Police guarded against a distance and runs to the gunshot, and one started to shoot one of the gunshots, who could beat him. But he dropped his gun and managed to run down the sidewalk and disappeared.

Jin Chen, who worked Saturday night working at Ishkabibble's, a cheesesteak restaurant on South Street, said he had heard gunshots several times. I felt like five or more guns, and then people started running," he said. Chen, 19, telephoned Sunday. To the crowd, he added, "They were screaming."

When the shooting stopped, it was a disaster. Police at the scene saw "a handful of gunshot wounds lying on the road," Philelle M. Outlaw, Philadelphia police commissioner, told a news conference Sunday. Three of the 14 shot dead: Kristopher Minners, 22, and Alexis. Quinn, 27, and Gregory Jackson, 34, also took a Japanese nickname. Police said a fight between the victims and another man was probably the "origin" of the incident.

The other 11 victims were between the ages of 17 and 69, said Commissioner Outlaw, adding that their condition was "critical" and "critical".Another was injured by breaking glass, according to police. Two firearms were found at the scene so far.

Mr. Kenney, who was in Reno, Nev., At the weekend of the United States Conference of Mayor, said he had been told there were five gunmen and a ghost - an unruly gun. collected in the kit - was among those that were used.

The shooting was the 10th in Philadelphia between Friday and Saturday, according to the Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit organization tracking down the shooting deaths. Another nine shots each had one victim; another escaped death. Another shooting on South Street, Tuesday, injured one person.

On Sunday, many in Philadelphia had just begun to consider the shooting, including Devon Howell. At a young age, Mr. Howell, now 20, learned boxing with one of the victims, Mr. Jackson, whom he called Coach G.

He was a good trainer, a dedicated father, and a man who “always took care of everyone around him,” said Mr. Howell, remembering how Mr. Jackson would do a roller skate inside a boxing gym and always bring his young daughter to work. "To be honest, you 're one of the coolest people you can meet all your life," he said. Howell. "He has never had problems with anyone.

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