Durham says CIA found data alleging Trump geo news

 Durham says CIA found data alleging Trump fox news

fox news time, Special Attorney John Durham claimed in court on Friday that the CIA had withheld information from Clinton campaign advocate Michael Sussmann that the connection between Donald Trump and Russia was "technically unreasonable" and "user-created."

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Durham says CIA found data alleging Trump fox news time

In the file, Durham responded to Sussmann's defense complaints about what evidence could not be allowed in Sussmann's case, which is scheduled to begin next month. Sussmann is accused of lying to the FBI about not attending a meeting on behalf of a particular customer while presenting information on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign and the technology officer he worked with. fox news time,
Durham in February first revealed that the government would establish during the trial that among the "exploited" data was Internet access (DNS) related to "a certain health care provider, Trump Tower, Donald Trump's Central Park West building, and the Executive. The Office of the President of the United States (EOP). "

fox news time In February, Durham said the data was used "for DOPS EOP traffic analysis and other data for the purpose of collecting defamatory information about Donald Trump," adding that the data was used to establish an "explanation" and "history" linking Trump with Russia.

But Sussmann is trying to block out evidence about the "collection" of "DNS" data by "Tech Executive 1," identified as Rodney Joffe, and colleagues. In Friday's file, Durham said the data collection was "the true source of the alleged misconduct."

fox news you Dobbs tonight, Durham's case alleges that Sussmann told FBI Adviser-General James Baker in September 2016 - less than two months before the 2016 presidential election - he was not doing "any customer" job when he asked for and held a meeting where he presented "the intended details. And" papers. whites' allegedly revealing a secret communication channel "between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, which has ties to the Kremlin. fox news time fox news Lou Dobbs tonight,
Durham further states that the evidence indicates that Sussmann "held his meeting on September 19, 2016, with the FBI to, among other things, further Clinton's campaign interests with the help of" Fusion GPS 

Meanwhile, Sussmann's defense has called for the protection of Tech Executive 1, Rodney Joffe, who has not yet been charged with a criminal offense.

fox news tucker Carlson tonight, In Durham's file, however, he discloses that Joffe is the "subject" of the investigation and has been indicted by Sussmann in 2021. Durham says this has been discussed with Joffe's advisers, and that he is still a study for one month. short of a case. fox news tucker Carlson tonight,

Durham said the decision not to give Joffe the right to strike "is reasonable and in line with the Department of Justice's policies," as he has played a key role in coordinating and submitting the allegations, and is therefore likely to expose the crime. and the charge that may have taken place in the case of a state investigation was to identify or prove a criminal offense other than the current charge. fox news time," The lawsuit alleges that Sussmann lied at the meeting, "lying to the attorney general that he had not made any allegations to the FBI on behalf of any customer."

fox business Lou Dobbs tonight, Sussmann has denied the charge and wants to dismiss the case. The presiding judge dismissed the application this week.
Durham also alleges that Sussmann in February 2017 filed "updated allegations," including Alfa Bank claims, as well as additional allegations related to Trump at a second US government agency, Fox News, which confirmed to the CIA.

Presenting his report on Friday, Durham said the government was expected to "present evidence in the case" which would show that the FBI and the CIA "concluded that the allegations against the Bank of Russia 1 were untrue and unsupported.
But Durham asserted that "separation and unless the data was actually unreliable or provided a reason" for Sussmann to lie, evidence pertaining to the steps taken by the FBI and the CIA "investigating these matters is crucial to obtaining material evidence."

fox news prime time, Durham said the information "would enable the judge to review those steps, which, in turn, inform his conclusions about whether the defendant's false statement was important and could affect or damage government services." fox news prime time, Meanwhile, Durham cites links between Sussmann and a notorious anti-Trump press release, alleging links between Trump and the Russian government.

The unconfirmed dose was approved by British intelligence agency Christopher Steele and approved by opposition research firm Fusion GPS. Lawyer Perkins Coie is a Democratic National Committee and Clinton's campaign sponsored a dose of anti-Trump action.

In Durham's file on Friday, he revealed that Sussmann met Stele in the summer of 2016 at the Perkins Coie offices, where he told Steele about Alfa Bank's allegations.
. Investigative Firm," Fox News, which previously reported that it was Fusion GPS, gave Steele the job of "researching and releasing intelligence reports" about Alfa Bank, "which he did."

Durham asserted that the evidence was "substantial evidence" because it showed that Sussmann "represented and worked for Clinton's campaign through its extensive opposition research efforts."Durham, however, has revealed that the only witness in the case of Sussmann "government-vaccinated" "was Detective 2," whose identity is unknown. The man's insecurity began in July 2021, more than a month before Sussmann was indicted.

Laura Ingraham's show last night on Fox News, Durham said the government had vaccinated "Researcher 2" because "at least five other witnesses who have done work related to allegations by the First Bank of Russia have exercised their right of commitment."

In the application, however, Durham also revealed that the government "intends to vaccinate a person who has been employed by an American investigative firm," Fusion GPS.

But unlike Tech Executive 1, that person is considered a 'witness' and not a 'subject' of government investigations based on current facts, "Durham said.

Meanwhile, Durham states that the government, at the time of the trial, is planning to provide modified, non-privileged documents containing the link between Sussmann and Joffe and re-edited payment records showing Sussmann's work "in the name of Clinton's campaign" and Joffe.

Durham says prosecutors also plan to provide links between Sussmann, Joffe, and "Campaign Attorney 1," sources told Fox News about Perkins Coie's colleague and Clinton attorney Marc Elias, as well as Fusion GPS staff.

fox news at night with Shannon bream, Durham, since 2019, has been investigating the origins of Russia's first FBI investigation, or Crossfire Hurricane, which began in July 2016 with the appointment of Special Adviser Robert Mueller in May 2017. That was after Mueller completed his years-long investigation of the campaign Trump has joined or linked to the Russians to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Mueller's investigation found no evidence of any illegal or criminal cooperation between Trump or the Trump campaign and Russia in 2016.

Durham has accused three people as part of his investigation: Sussmann in September 2021, Igor Danchenko in November 2021, and Kevin Clinesmith in August 2020.

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