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The United States will give a "decisive answer" in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine

  The United States will give a "decisive answer" in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine

The United States will give a "decisive answer" in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine
 The United States will give a "decisive answer" in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine

The United States will give a "decisive answer" in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine US President Joe Biden has assured his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky that Washington will "respond" positively to Russia's attacks.

According to the AFP news agency, a statement from the White House quoted Biden from a telephone interview with Volodymyr Zelensky as saying that the United States and its allies would respond if Russia attacked Ukraine.

White House News Secretary Jane Sackie said in a statement that "the US President has promised to support the President of Ukraine in the event of the deployment of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border."

Biden: US and its allies will give a decisive answer if Russia

The pledge came just days after President Biden warned Russian President Vladimir Putin of any military action against Ukraine.

After a telephone conversation with Biden, the Ukrainian president wrote on Twitter that he was very grateful for the US support and that it was a testament to the good relations between the two countries.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, US President Joe Biden said he had warned Russian President Vladimir Putin about the Ukraine issue that Russia would have to pay a "heavy price".

He had said that if Russia progressed on the Ukraine issue, the United States would increase its presence in Europe.

Ukraine said last week one of its soldiers was killed in a battle with Moscow supporters.

In his New Year's speech, Ukraine's Volodymyr Zelensky said that ending the war in the East was "his main goal".

The exchange between Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky zeroed in on a discourse on ways of facilitating strains made by the inundation of Russian soldiers close to the Ukrainian line.

U.S. President Joe Biden let Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Sunday know that the United States and its partners would give an "authoritative response" assuming Russia keeps on attacking Ukraine.

This was expressed in a White House articulation delivered by the media - secretary Jen Psaki.

"President Biden has clarified that the United States and its partners and partners will give a solid reaction assuming Russia keeps on attacking Ukraine," Psaki said in an assertion later a phone discussion between the two presidents.

Threats exchanged. Biden called Putin again

Volodymyr Zelenskyy offered his thanks to the US President for his faithful help.

The President of Ukraine composed on Twitter that during the discussions talked about normal activities that pointed toward keeping up with harmony in Europe and forestalling further acceleration of brutality.

He additionally noticed that the conversation affirmed the extraordinary idea of the US-Ukrainian relationship.

The way that a phone discussion between Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky was planned for Sunday evening in Kyiv was accounted for before on Sunday by Radio Liberty, citing representative Sergei Nikiforov, Ukraine's official secretary.

As noted before, the reason for the discussions was to examine ways of decreasing the pressure brought about by the congestion of Russian soldiers close to the eastern boundaries of Ukraine.

On Friday, a White House representative reported the forthcoming discussions between the two presidents. This comes a day later Biden held phone converses with Russian pioneer Vladimir Putin.

A Conversation With Petro Poroshenko

Biden neglected to gain critical headway in convincing Putin to pull out about 100,000 soldiers positioned close to the Ukrainian line, despite the fact that U.S. authorities don't really accept that Putin has chosen to attack an adjoining country.

In a 50-minute call Thursday among American and Russian pioneers, Biden additionally cautioned Putin that the US and its Western partners would force critical monetary authorizations on Moscow assuming Putin attacked Ukraine, despite the fact that Biden pulled out that troops would react.

On December 31, during a New Year's Eve occasion in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden let journalists know that Russia's fierce new activities against Ukraine would prompt extreme endorses that could contrarily affect Russia's economy.

"We have made it clear to President Putin that assuming he makes a further move, assaulting Ukraine, we will force serious approvals. "We will expand our quality in Europe and our NATO partners, and this will be (in Russia) the most elevated sum that we should pay," focused on the White House head.

Biden demanded to publish sanctions against Russia

The Kremlin, in the meantime, said in an explanation that Putin had let Biden know that the new "solid authorizations could prompt a total split among Washington and Moscow."

The United States will give a "decisive answer" in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine
 The United States will give a "decisive answer" in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine

Biden likewise said that during phone conversations with the Russian chief on December 30, it was consented to hold US-Russian discussions in Geneva on January 9-10, and a NATO-Russia Council meeting on January 12 in Brussels and OSCE. arrangements January 13.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on the last day of last year talked by phone with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, and Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly. It was about the status of the associations to give a solid reaction to a potential new Russian assault on Ukraine.

"The North Atlantic Alliance is prepared for productive discourse with Russia, while simultaneously fortifying solidarity to forestall further (Russian) viciousness against Ukraine," the US State Department said in an assertion.

State, media, and civil society in the information warfare over 

The United States supplies Kyiv with little arms and ammo, just as Javelin bolts, which ought to, as per their articulations, be utilized distinctly for guard purposes.

"President Biden [in a meeting with Putin] underlined that huge advancement in these discussions must be accomplished through decrease, not increment," said White House representative Jen Psaki.

In ongoing discussions, Russia will request that NATO, a tactical union shaped later World War II, deny Ukraine participation and lessen its quality in Central and Eastern Europe. The White House declined to remark on subtleties of the shut discussions.

Review that later a December 30 phone meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin, a group of 24 previous US public safety authorities and specialists in Russia (counting previous Obama organization authorities Bush and Clinton) gave an assertion containing a grumbling to the Obama organization. 

Putin's military intervention in Syria, 

The White House has instantly and openly declared a progression of serious approvals against Russia assuming the Kremlin presents new brutality against Ukraine.

As announced by the Associated Press, The assertion was endorsed by a few previous US representatives, including previous diplomats to Russia: Michael McFaul and Alexander Vershbow and previous Ukrainian ministers: Stephen Pifer and John Herbst.

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