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'J Shri Ram' slogans at Christmas party in India, 'Christianity not acceptable'

 'J Shri Ram' slogans at Christmas party in India, 'Christianity not acceptable'

'J Shri Ram' slogans at Christmas party in India, 'Christianity not acceptable'
 'J Shri Ram' slogans at Christmas party in India, 'Christianity not acceptable'

'j Shri ram' slogans at Christmas party in India, 'Christianity not acceptable' In the Indian city of Gurgaon, a group broke into a school's Christmas party and chanted slogans like 'Jay Shri Ram' and 'Bharat Mata Ki Jay. slogans of 'Jay Shri Ram' at the Christmas Party in India, 'Christianity Unacceptable' have been planted and caused confusion.

According to India's NDTV channel, a video of the incident shows a man talking to a crowd.

"Christianity is not welcome here," he said. We do not oppose the Prophet, but we want to tell future generations that if they want to remember him they must keep him but not change the religion of the disciples. “A group of Christians had organized a Christmas party and chanted slogans in support of what the locals described as harassment and attempts to convert students.

School officials reinstated the group to take control of the situation.

"It was very bad because there were women and children," said a local pastor. Such incidents occur daily. It is against our freedom to worship and practice our religion. "

According to media reports, Narendra Singh Pahari, a politician who ran in the by-elections in the area, had studied with his party.

He said under the group people were being asked to change their religion.

He pointed out that Hindus are emotionally oppressed and are trying to isolate them.

Police said the case was dismissed without complaint.

Extremist Hindus did not spare at Christmas.

Extremist Hindus in India did not even spare 'Santa Claus' on Christmas. Hateful activities of Hindu extremists are going on in India.

According to Indian media reports, the Hindu extremist party Bajrang Dal staged a protest in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.


According to Indian media reports, a protest was staged on Christmas Eve by an extremist group in India on the basis of the alleged forced conversion of Hindus.

 According to reports, Bajrang Dal staged a protest on December 24 at St. John's Square, while extremist protesters chanted "Santa Claus is dead and Go back, Santa Claus".

Protesters burned Santa Claus's effigy and continued to beat him.

Considering that India is considered an unsafe country for minorities, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) had declared India a dangerous country for minorities.

"Jai Shree ram means in English"

It was cool, smoky. -continued in the afternoon, and Indians from all walks of life gathered in a peaceful protest against a controversial new civic law that mainly targeted the poor, women, and, perhaps most of all, Muslims. Gujjar fired three bullets into the air. The crowd dispersed. Later, when the police were handcuffed, Gujjar explained his motive: “In our country, only Hindus will win.”

Jai Shri Ram literally translates as "Victory of King Ram," the famous Hindu deity. But while this seemingly harmless saying originated as a declaration of allegiance to India, it is now increasingly used not only as a chauvinist Hindu slogan but also 

Recently, Human Rights Watch (HRW), an international human rights organization, expressed concern over the mistreatment of minorities in India, saying that the ruling party of India should not allow Hindu extremists to attack minorities. And has given them the power to harass.

"Jai Shri ram means"

These forceful manners of speaking come as different states are governed by the Bharatiya Janata Party of Mr. Modi, or B.J.P. is holding races, remembering for Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, where the meeting was held. Mr. Modi was caught up with battling this week in Uttar Pradesh for Yogi Adityanath, his big fan, and head of the state, who frequently affected contempt against Muslims.

"Jai Shri ram means"

A few episodes of savagery against Muslims were accounted for during the political race, remembering assaults for crowds attempting to shut down Muslim-possessed organizations.

"There are presumably still a small bunch of political pioneers who even say they need to keep up with India's unfaithfulness," said Gilles Verniers, a teacher of political theory at Ashoka University close to New Delhi. "The B.J.P. might be confronting expanding political difficulties, however, it has won its social fight, with enduring ramifications for India's majority rules government, and for India's biggest gathering."

"hail lord Rama means"

I am informed that throughout Ram Navami there is a common religious procession called ‘Ram Navami Shobha Yatra’ in Nagpur, central India. It starts at Poddareswar Ram Mandir and at the first rally of the festivities passing under it, the procession is greeted by a handful of community leaders. The group includes local maulvis. That has been the case for the past hundred years.

How many of the things we do naturally pollute our eyes with politics? As for the fact that, whenever I criticize the treatment of Rama Sita, as my best friends have done before me, I remain flawless to the faithful who can tolerate a single word against this popular image. But I don't think it was easy for anyone. It is also not easy for me to break away from my legacy, the devotion that I found growing up in a religious family (and many religions!), My epic love. It is a painful personal journey to ‘work’ realizing that there are things we should ask ourselves and things we can keep respectfully.

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