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Harris: the US won't be a ‘role model’ of democracy if voting rights legislation isn’t passed


Harris: the US won't be a ‘role model’ of democracy if voting rights legislation isn’t passed

Harris: the US won't be a ‘role model’ of democracy if voting rights legislation isn’t passed
Harris: the US won't be a ‘role model’ of democracy if voting rights legislation isn’t passed

WASHINGTON -  Harris: the US won't be a ‘role model’ of democracy if voting rights legislation isn’t passed an interview, Vice President Kamala Harris said the White House is not giving up on passing President Joe Biden's Build Back Better Act.

Deputy President Kamala Harris said the United States could lose its situation as a good example on the planet - and a majority rules system would be endangered - in the event that casting ballot rights were not passed.

Harris, the main elector extremist, during a meeting broadcast on Sunday on the CBS News program "Face the Nation" that individuals all over the planet are watching the United States since we are considering ourselves responsible. of… the capacity of a vote-based system to exist together with monetary power and power. "

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In any case, Harris has cautioned that assuming administrators don't pass casting ballot rights, the United States could be in harm's way.

"We have set a genuine model by saying, 'You can see this and long for itself and you will dismiss a majority rule government and autonomous authority,'" Harris said. 

Harris saw that the issue was not a question of worry to numerous Americans but rather said that it ought to be so.

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"What's more the more we get an opportunity to discuss it, the more I figure individuals will see, 'Indeed, I don't need the future America to have my youngsters in America when ... we are mistreating the right of the American individuals to cast a ballot.'"

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Lately, President Joe Biden and Democrats have put casting ballot rights at the first spot on the list as the Build Back Better Act, a homegrown arrangement bill endorsed by the president, ground to a halt. Harris has additionally been under a great deal of tension from casting a ballot rights activists to assist with passing regulation.

Yet, the law is confronting genuine difficulties in the Senate. Vote-based Alliance lawmakers Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia have said they are against changing Senate laws to accomplish the GOP delay of the democratic privileges law passed in the House. Moreover,

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 the different democratic freedoms bill drafted with the inclusion of Cinema and Manchin doesn't have adequate help from the Republicans to keep away from the delay.

Biden said when it comes down to it, he will support the filibuster recording to pass the voting rights law. But Harris would not say whether he would support that, simply stating that "we will appeal to the United States Congress, and we have always, to examine the tools they have to do what is necessary to fight for and maintain integrity in our voting system in America."

Harris on Build Back Better, Joe Manchin

Harris touched on the Build Back Better Act, saying management was not disappointed that the law was passed.

But when asked about Manchin's lack of support for the bill, Harris refused to directly blame him for the bill's delay: "I think the problems are too big for this to happen in any way to anyone else."

I do not want to get into politics which could be personal politics were people who wake up at 3 am are worried about how they will survive without regard to DC politics. They just want us. to fix things. ”

'I want to get things done'

As vice president, Harris has been given the task of addressing a number of important issues. In addition to voting rights, Harris has taken the lead in addressing the causes of migration from Central America. Some Democrats and Harris' former colleagues say he was given "an impossible portfolio," commented Margaret Brennan of CBS News.

  • Brennan then asked if the vice president believed he would fail.

  • "I do not believe that I was made to fail," Harris replied.
  • "Because these are Democrats who say this," Brennan said.

"Most importantly, I am the vice president of the United States, whatever I carry is a serious problem," Harris replied. “It could not be handled on another level. And there are many big, serious problems that need to be addressed. And it has actually been part of my life's work to deal with difficult situations, and these are not the same. ”

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Senate Republicans blocked a growing Democratic Alliance voting rights and ethics bill on Tuesday, as the organization's efforts to respond to the outbreak of blockade voting laws passed by GOP-led provincial legislatures hit a wall.

The People's Act aims to suspend automatic voter registration, increase early voting, ensure transparency in political donations and reduce the image of congressional constituencies, among other principles. Democrats are calling for reforms before the 2020 elections, but they say they are desperately needed to protect the democratic process after former President Donald Trump was accused of electoral fraud leading to Capitol attacks and blocking voting methods.

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. The move failed to test the process in the Senate on Tuesday, as Republicans voted against starting a debate on it.

The process requires 60 votes to move forward in the Senate, divided equally by parties. It crossed the party lines by 50-50 votes.

After the bill failed to move forward, Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., Criticized his GOP colleagues for hesitating to start the negotiation process and amend the bill.

. “But I want to be clear about one thing: the fight for voting rights is not over. Not at all. In an effort to fight for the right to vote, the vote was the first gun, not a rope. ”

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