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Video: It rained dollars on the road in America

 Video: It rained dollars on the road in America

The entryway of a truck brimming with dollars inadvertently opened on a parkway in the US province of California, which began coming down dollars out and about. 

As indicated by the news organization, the entryway of the truck abruptly opened on the Interstate 5 expressway of San Diego in the United States and notes were dispersed all over the place. 

dollars Individuals going in vehicles moving towards their objective out and about likewise made the most of the chance and halted the vehicles and began plundering dollars which made the group assemble and the street was obstructed. Police captured two individuals who plundered dollars. He has reclaimed the cash plundered from them. 

Police have engaged the residents to come, productive members of society, return the packs loaded with dollars.

An Indian singer whose fans shower money on every live show

We often hear imaginary things about the rain of notes but today we are going to tell you about a singer from India whose fans are showering money on every live show.

Yes, Indian folk singer Urushi Radia whose fans make a lot of money during every live show.

A video is also going viral on social media these days in which the singer is singing while sitting in a show and a fan is throwing a bucket full of notes at her. In the video, it can be seen that notes are scattered all over the stage. Are

According to reports, the singer uses the money spent by the fans in her shows to marry poor girls and do other charitable works.

The boy made a necklace of his teeth to assure the girl of his love

The boy made a necklace of his teeth to assure the girl of love. You must have heard the saying that love is blind but today we will tell you about a living example of it which you will surely be amazed to read. will go.

Yes, today we are going to tell you about a man who sacrificed his daughter (32 teeth) to assure his girlfriend of love and loyalty.

This extreme step was taken by the Egyptian teenager when his girlfriend accused him of having an affair with another girl.

The boy named Cake and Lisa met and befriended each other only 4 months ago, but the conversation between the two has been closed for the past one week and the girl has also stopped answering the messages and phone calls sent by the boy.

One day Lisa picks up her call and Cake begs to see her for the last time, then a restaurant is chosen in consultation with the two and the two arrive.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, Cake offered Lisa a necklace made of his own teeth, which Lisa thought was probably a toothpick made of dentures. Later, when Cake smiled, the truth was revealed to Lisa.

According to reports, Kek's girlfriend called him crazy for this act and ended the relationship and left the restaurant.

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