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Kyle Ruttenhaus case: President Biden angry over Trump acquittal while Trump happy

Kyle Ruttenhaus case: President Biden angry over Trump acquittal while Trump happy

Public opinion is divided over the acquittal of Kyle Rutton House, a white teenager involved in the murder of two people in the United States.

While US President Joe Biden has expressed his displeasure over the acquittal, former President Donald Trump has expressed happiness over the decision in a message addressed to his supporters.

Kyle Rittenhouse, A U.S. court on Friday acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse, a minor involved in the killing of two people. President Joe Biden responded by saying that he was "angry and concerned" about the decision, but that it was a "jury decision."

US Vice President Kamala Harris criticized the decision, saying on Twitter that it was "interpreting itself". He added that "much remains to be done" to make the criminal justice system more equitable.

However, officials and relatives have appealed to the American people to remain calm after this decision. Is this the case?

The lawsuit alleges that two people were killed and one was injured in a shooting.

Kyle, 18, argued that he killed two people in self-defense when racist riots broke out last year.

 It should be noted that one person was also injured in Kyle's firing.

While the decision of this bar has divided the opinion of the people in the country, there have also been protests in some places. US officials and relatives have called for calm. However, these demonstrations were largely smaller than those of large-scale unrest in the United States.

Kyle told the court that when he killed Joseph Rosen Bahum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August last year to save his life, the shooting resulted in a 28-year-old gauge. Grass Cretz was injured.

 The court acquitted Kyle of all charges,

The people Kyle fired at, including a minor, were white Americans. However, the incident took place at a time when Jacob Blake, a black man, was killed by a white police officer. Jacob Blake's uncle was out of court when the verdict was announced. "We will continue our fight and we will be at peace," said Justin Blake. Let freedom rule. "

Lawyers for Joseph Rosen Bahum and Anthony Huber have called on the public not to hurt anyone and to remain calm. "We need justice more than violence at this time," he added.

Biden says 'we have to abide' by Rittenhouse verdict - NBC ...

Anthony Huber's family said the decision sent an "unacceptable message" that armed civilians could enter any city and create an atmosphere of violence. It's a so-called threat they've created to justify shooting people in the street. "a spokesman for Kyle Ruttenhouse's family told CBS TV that Kyle had been living in an undisclosed location since his release.

He further added that there is no winner in this case as two people have lost their lives which is a common loss for all of us.

This decision clearly divides public opinion into the United States. There has been a strong reaction from both sides. Many are commenting that if Kyle Rittenhouse had been a black man, he would have been convinced that he would never be acquitted.

Derek Johnson, president of the NAACP, a social rights group, said in a tweet that the decision was "a reminder of the traitorous role that white supremacy plays in our justice system."Leading social activist Rev. El Sharpton said the decision was "outrageous and dangerous" and would encourage a culture of violence and the use of force.

Kyle Rittenhouse: Biden accepts verdict as ... - The Guardian

"This dark day is for those black people who have been killed by people who believe our lives don't matter," he said in a statement. There are also concerns that the ruling will not set a good legal precedent for the future.

"In the United States today, you can break the law, you can carry weapons made for the military, you can shoot and kill people, and then you can get rid of it," wrote California Governor Gavin Newsom. Conservatives see Kyle Rattanhouse as a patriotic hero who took up arms and exercised his right to self-defense. However, at the time of the shooting, he was 17 years old, and so the defense of such a weapon is not legally protected.

Rittenhouse acquittal magnifies divisions in a polarized America

Former President Donald Trump has congratulated his supporters in an emailed statement. "If it's not self-defense, then nothing (self-defense)!"Several Republican lawmakers have said they would like to offer Kyle Rutton House a congressional internship.

Fox News has also interviewed Kyle Rutton House following the Breit decision, which is yet to air. In a video shortly after the ruling, Kyle Rutten was heard saying, "The jury has reached the right decision. Self-defense is not illegal. He also mentioned the horrific moments when he was in danger of being harmed, during which he was "severely injured and killed."

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