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Head attack: wedding music 63 chickens killed in shaadi songs

 Head attack: wedding music 63 chickens killed in  Shaadi songs

In India, a poultry farmer blamed a traditional wedding parade with loud music, fireworks, dancing, and a brass band for the attack death of  63 chickens killed,

Head attack: wedding music 63 chickens killed in  shaadi songs

#1: Head attack, wedding music 63 chickens killed in  Shaadi songs

In India, it has been alleged that 63 chickens died due to loud music, drumming, and fireworks playing at a traditional wedding.

According to the French news agency AFP, Ranjit Kumar said that ear-splitting music was being played in Barat while passing near his poultry farm on Sunday night.

#2: 63 chickens killed, "I told the band members to turn down the music because the hens were scared, but they did not listen to me, but the groom's friend shouted at me." The attack took place after which he demanded compensation from the wedding organizers and requested the police to do so.

#3: Shaadi songs, Surya Kanta Mishra, a professor of zoology, told the Hindustan Times that "loud music increases the risk of heart disease in birds."

The system of chickens is such that the sudden stress caused by music affects their biological clock.

As a result of this story, the two sides decided to settle the matter together to avoid the embarrassment of the police.

The police in charge said, "We did not take action as the owner of the poultry farm withdrew the application."

#4: poultry farmer approaches police as hens stop laying eggs

Head attack In the protest held up at Nilagiri police headquarters, poultry ranch proprietor Ranjit Parida, the occupant of Kandagaradi town, guaranteed that his chickens kicked the bucket of suspected coronary failures welcomed on by the booming music played by the DJ at his neighbor Ramachandra Paribas wedding parade. 

As indicated by Ranjit, the wedding 63 chickens parade with a DJ band passed before his homestead at around 11.30 pm on Sunday. As the DJ approached his homestead, the chickens began acting strangely, some even begun hopping and murmuring. 

Regardless of Ranjit's rehashed solicitations to the DJ to bring down the volume, the purportedly ear-parting music played on, bringing about the passing of 63 chickens. The poultry ranch proprietor endeavored to restore the chickens after they fell yet it was to no end. He then, at that point, checked with a neighborhood veterinarian, who analyzed that the boisterous commotion had made the birds go into shock, killing them.

#5: Head attack, wedding music 

Right away, he attempted to settle the matter by requesting remuneration from his neighbor Ramachandra, yet all the same, the last option declined. Left with no other choice, Ranjit documented a grievance at the Nilagiri police headquarters against Ramachandra, claiming that the birds chicken the bucket of shock from the noisy music and firecrackers. 

attack, Balasore Police SP Sudhanshu Mishra let India Today know that the Nilagiri police headquarters has gotten a protest in such a manner. The charges were being confirmed. In any case, the issue hosts been settled by the two gatherings agreeably at the police headquarters, he added. 

In the interim, Ramachandra Parida disparaged the claims as foolishness, and countered it by saying, When lakhs of chickens are shipped out and about on regular routine in the midst of blasting horns, how could it be conceivable that the chicken in his ranch kicked the bucket because of DJ music? Notwithstanding, after he came to me and grumbled about the noisy commotion, we brought down the volume.

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