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ISIL could attack US from Afghanistan next year: Pentagon,

 ISIL could attack the US from Afghanistan next year: Pentagon,

ISIL could attack the US from Afghanistan next year: Pentagon,

penfed online, Pentagon officials in the United States have told Congress that the Islamic State of Afghanistan in Khorasan could attack the United States in six months and that it intends to do so.

According to Reuters, Colin Kahl, undersecretary at Defense for Policy, said: But they do not have the capacity to do so.

"We think that within six months to a year, the Islamic State of Khurasan can create this capability," he said. There is danger.

The Taliban are enemies of ISIS, which has carried out suicide attacks on the minority Shiite community as well as the Taliban.

Speaking to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Colin Kahl said it was not yet clear whether the Taliban had the capability to fight Islamic State effectively after the US withdrawal.

Lloyd Austin Raytheon, Our analysis is that the Taliban and the Islamic State of Khorasan are eternal enemies. The Taliban want to take action against it, but it remains to be seen.

He estimated that the Islamic State had "a few thousand fighters" in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan's interim foreign minister, Amir Khan Mottaki, had said the threat posed by Islamic State would be overcome. "Afghanistan will not be allowed to attack other countries," he said.

"Al Qaeda in Afghanistan has a relationship with the Taliban and it's a more complex issue, and that's the relationship that led to the 9/11 attacks," said Colin Kahl. The Taliban sheltered al-Qaeda leaders.

taco bell pentagon, According to him, it could take "one to two years" for al-Qaeda to attack the United States outside Afghanistan.

US President Joe Biden has said that the United States will continue its intelligence-gathering mission in Afghanistan because of the threats posed by al-Qaeda and Islamic State.

 However, US officials say it is difficult to identify and eliminate groups such as al-Qaeda and Islamic State in Afghanistan without an army.

'Recognize Taliban's efforts to stabilize Afghanistan

During chats with the Taliban in Russia and different nations, Russian Unfamiliar Clergyman Sergei Lavrov said his nation perceives the Taliban's "endeavors" to balance out Afghanistan. 

call penfed, As indicated by the French news organization AFP, the Russian unfamiliar priest said on Wednesday that "presently the new organization is in power. We recognize their endeavors to settle the military and political circumstances. " The unfamiliar clergyman said Russia laments the shortfall of the US in converses with the Taliban. 

Russia is in chats with the Taliban in its capital, Moscow, to build its impact in Focal Asia and make a move against ISIS. The discussions incorporate 10 nations, including Pakistan and China. This is the Taliban's first significant worldwide gathering since assuming responsibility for Afghanistan. 

pentagon taco bellLast week, Russian President Vladimir Putin cautioned that ISIS warriors were gathering in Afghanistan to deteriorate the circumstance in the previous Soviet Association. Russian Unfamiliar Clergyman Sergei Lavrov will address the discussions. 

The Taliban assignment will be driven by Representative Executive Abdul Salam Hanafi, who held discussions with the US and the European Association last week. Brussels has declared ڈالر 1.2 billion in help to deflect a potential compassionate emergency in Afghanistan. 

penfed membership, An unfamiliar clergyman said on Tuesday that one of the objectives of the Moscow meeting was to "arrange worldwide endeavors to end the philanthropic emergency in Afghanistan." 

Moscow has additionally said that the arrangement of a comprehensive government in Afghanistan is on the plan of the discussions and a joint assertion will be given after the discussions. 

The Taliban is viewed as a psychological oppressor association in Russia, yet Russia has facilitated Taliban delegates a few times lately. 

Then again, ISIS keeps on assaulting the Taliban and a Taliban vehicle was explosively assaulted in Kabul on Wednesday morning. The assault harmed two Taliban contenders and four schoolchildren.

Hopefully, the Taliban will behave politely in Afghanistan: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he trusts the Taliban will act "commonly" in Afghanistan so the global-local area can set up political relations with Kabul. As indicated by the French news office AFP, the Russian president said on Friday that "Russia isn't keen on a divided Afghanistan." Assuming that occurred, nobody would talk. " 

pentagon pants, Vladimir Putin was tending to the Eastern Monetary Gathering in the eastern Russian city of Vladivostok. He said: Will be.' 

He said the US withdrawal from Afghanistan was "calamitous". "They burned through 1.5 billion on the mission, however, what was the outcome?" No outcomes. 

pentagon courtyard, Russia has been cautious in its relations with the Taliban. A few days after the Taliban assumed responsibility for Kabul, Russia's envoy to Kabul met with Taliban agents and said Russia would keep up with its international safe haven in Afghanistan. Russia started clearing its residents and previous Soviet residents after the circumstance in Afghanistan decayed. 

pentagon tours, Russia has cautioned that fanatics could exploit the circumstance and enter adjoining nations as evacuees. Afghanistan imparts lines to three previous Soviet Association nations, and Russia has bases there.

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