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How To Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan: Italy to Host G20 Afghan Summit

How To Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan: Italy to Host G20 Afghan Summit

How To Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan: Italy to Host G20 Afghan Summit

how to, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi will host a special meeting of the 20 largest economies to discuss the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

According to the British news agency Reuters, since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, Afghanistan's economy has been suffering from hunger and poverty. Due to which a large number of refugees are feared to emerge.

The video conference will discuss aid, security concerns, and ways for safer pro-Western Afghans in Afghanistan to leave the country safely.

how to get a passport, An official with knowledge of the G20 agenda said that as winter approached, immediate assistance was needed for those easily affected, such as women and children.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will also attend the meeting, which will highlight the role of the United Nations in the crisis. The role of the United Nations in resolving the issue in Afghanistan is also important because many countries do not want to have direct contact with the Taliban.

how to apply for passport, This time Italy is chairing the G20 summit. Italy has worked hard for this meeting because after the withdrawal of US troops from Kabul, different ideas are being found in the G20 for a solution to the Afghanistan problem.

A key diplomatic source familiar with the matter said the key issue was that Western countries wanted to interfere in the Taliban's way of running the country, such as their treatment of women. "On the other hand, the foreign policy of China and Russia is not based on interference."

China has publicly called for the lifting of economic sanctions on Afghanistan and the freezing of Afghanistan's billions of dollars in international assets. However, it is not clear whether this will be discussed at Tuesday's meeting.

how to apply for a passport, US President Joe Biden, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and European G20 leaders are expected to attend the meeting. However, according to Chinese media, Chinese President Xi Jinping will not be part of the meeting.

It is also unclear whether Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend.

According to a diplomatic source, Afghanistan's neighbors Pakistan and Iran have not been invited to the online meeting. However, Qatar will attend the meeting.

It should be noted that Qatar has played an important role in the talks between the Taliban and Western countries.

The online meeting comes days after senior US and Taliban officials met for the first time in Qatar since the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan.

how to, Shortly after Tuesday's meeting, the G20 leaders will meet in Rome on October 30 and 31 for a regular meeting. The meeting will focus on climate change, the recovery of the global economy, malnutrition, and the Coronavirus epidemic.

Afghan minister appeals for good relations with the world

Afghanistan's foreign minister has called for good relations with countries around the world. However, despite international demands, he made no promises about girls' education.

The Taliban's new government in Afghanistan is trying to establish relations with other countries so that the country does not fall victim to the economic crisis.

How To Make, Speaking at a ceremony at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies on Monday, caretaker Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mottaki said, "The international community should cooperate with us. This will allow us to eliminate insecurity and connect with the world in a positive way.

So far, the Taliban have not talked about girls returning to school, a key demand of the international community. In Afghanistan last month, it was decided that only boys would return to school after the sixth grade.

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