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how to gas prices in Europe Russia is using energy as a 'political weapon'?

how to gas prices in Europe Russia is using energy as a 'political weapon'?

how to gas prices in Europe Russia is using energy as a 'political weapon'?

how to get a passport, Russia supplies gas to Europe through a number of gas pipelines, including the Nord Stream, the Yamil Europe gas pipeline and the Brotherhood gas pipeline.

Gas prices are rising in European countries, and Russia has been accused of trying to take advantage of the situation.

US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan recently expressed concern about the situation, saying Russia may be using energy as a political weapon. "I think Russia must meet and respond to Europe's demands for increased energy supplies," he said.

But to what extent is Russia responsible for the shortage of gas in Europe and its rising prices?

How much gas does Europe take from Russia?

how to apply for a passport, Russia supplies 50 percent of Europe's natural gas. Gas for the rest is sourced from Algeria and Norway.

Russia supplies gas to Europe via a number of gas pipelines, including the Nord Stream, the Yamil Europe Gas Pipeline, and The Brotherhood.

Gas shipped from Russia is stored in regional gas storage facilities and then transported to various countries on the continent.

Exports of gas from Russia to Europe fell during the epidemic due to a drop in demand in European countries.

However, now the demand in Europe has increased again. But this year, Belarus and Ukraine continue to supply less gas to Europe through gas pipelines. As a result, gas reserves across Europe are dwindling and prices are rising.

Is Russia living up to its promises?

how to apply for a passport, Russia's largest state-owned energy company Gazprom supplies gas to Europe under two conditions. Under a long-term contract that is usually ten to 25 years old. The second is the 'Spot Deals' agreement, which is the immediate supply of gas or the purchase of gas at a time that is supplied at a certain price for a limited period of time.

Gazprom describes long-term contracts as 'basic stable and sustainable gas supply'. And it is understandable that it has fulfilled its obligations under these agreements this year. However, the International Energy Agency's executive director, Fateh Barol, recently said he estimated that Russia could supply 15 percent more gas if it wanted to.

Some analysts say the newly built gas pipeline from Russia directly to Germany could cut off gas supplies for early approval of Narstream Two. The North Stream Two gas pipeline project could double gas supplies to Germany. Will

The new gas pipeline will bypass Ukraine and there are no political or environmental objections to its construction, but Russia is eager for it to begin soon.

Jack Sharples, of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, said: Therefore, the supply has been deliberately stopped. But he says the analysis is "objectionable."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she is not aware of any situation where Russia has not fulfilled its obligations under the agreement. "Russia is only responsible for supplying gas under the agreement," he said.

But it is also worth noting that according to data from Gazprom's own electronic sales platform, 'spot' sales do not appear to be in any particular amount.

"This leads to the conclusion that Gazprom is supplying gas under its long-term contracts, but it is not deviating from those contracts to provide additional supplies," says Dr. Sharpels.

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