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Former US President Trump has reached out to the court to restore his Twitter account


Former US President Trump has reached out to the court to restore his Twitter account

Former US President Trump has reached out to the court to restore his Twitter account

Former US President Trump has approached the court to restore his Twitter account. According to the foreign news agency, former US President Donald Trump has requested a US federal judge to restore his Twitter account.

According to the news agency, Trump has filed a petition in the district court of Florida in which an appeal has been filed against the decision of Twitter.

The petition filed by Trump alleges that the company was forced by members of the US Congress to suspend his Twitter account.

The petition further states that Twitter has allowed the Taliban in Afghanistan to continuously inform them of their victory tweets, but during their presidency, their tweets were censored and they were accused of spreading false information. went.

According to the news agency, Twitter has refrained from reacting to the former president's approach to the court. The former president had accused the election of rigging after losing the presidential election and had gone to court over his defeat, but Trump was also defeated by the courts.

Former US President Trump's Twitter account was shut down in the last days of his presidency after an attack on the US Parliament on January 6. Trump supporters attacked the US Parliament building, which was supported by the former president. His Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts were later shut down.

Following the former president's account closure, Twitter said Trump's provocative tweets violated his policy and encouraged those involved in the Capitol Hill incident.

1-Donald Trump's attempt to re-enter social media was thwarted by Twitter

Former US President Donald Trump's attempt to re-enter social media has been thwarted by Twitter.

According to the Twitter administration, a Twitter account that was posting messages of former US President Donald Trump has been suspended for violating the rules.

It is believed that Twitter has shut down Donald Trump's account for spreading misleading news and violating the rules.

Facebook has also suspended Donald Trump's account because he used his social media accounts to invite people to attack the US Congress.

2-YouTube extends ban on Donald Trump

As indicated by unfamiliar media, an assertion gave by YouTube said that the prohibition on Donald Trump is being reached out after which he can not transfer any video or live real-time on his YouTube channel for an additional 7 days. Will actually want to 

YouTube prohibited Trump's YouTube divert on January 12 because of Trump's reaction to the Legislative hall Slope assault, in which he said the US president had abused his arrangement on brutality. 

On the augmentation of the prohibition on Trump, YouTube added that the expansion of the suspension of Trump's divert has been made considering the current tense and vicious circumstance. 

His Twitter account has been for all time obstructed after Trump's comments following the Legislative center Slope assault, while he has additionally been hindered on Snapchat, including Instagram and Facebook.

3-US President Donald Trump's Facebook account was blocked indefinitely

Trump's Facebook account was recently hindered for 24 hours for remarks on the side of the assault on Statehouse Slope. In such a manner, Facebook originator Imprint Zuckerberg said that President Trump's Facebook Americans are disappointed with utilizing the stage for help, and the risks of permitting President Trump to utilize Facebook in the current circumstance are colossal. 

He said Trump's Facebook record would be suspended, basically until Biden gets down to business.

4-Trump supporters attack parliament, 4 killed in protests

Allies of US President Donald Trump raged Legislative hall Slope and got through the security cordon. As per US media, countless allies of US President Donald Trump got through boundaries and security fences and entered the Statehouse

 Slope working in Washington. Tears gas was utilized to scatter nonconformists by police while dissidents were additionally splashed on the police. 

During the conflicts with nonconformists, numerous police officers were harmed while a lady was harmed because of a tablet, who was moved to the medical clinic, yet she was not broken by harm. 

5-Two-line bombs were additionally recuperated: Police Boss 

The Washington police boss later said four individuals were killed and a few were harmed in an uproar on Legislative hall Slope. 

The police boss said that 52 individuals have additionally been captured for revolting on Legislative hall Slope, on charges of abusing check-in time and unlawful ownership of weapons. He said two-line bombs were likewise recuperated from the central command of the conservative and Majority rule advisory groups. 

6-Washington forces check-in time 

The Washington organization has approached the US government to force a check-in time and pull out troops, however, the Pentagon has denied the claims.

Following the US government's endorsement, a time limit has been forced in Washington from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., while the Legislative hall Slope building has additionally been secured. The assault on Legislative center Slope is the most obscure day in American history: Joe Biden 

US President-elect Joe Biden told the country on the event that the vicious exhibition outside the Legislative hall Slope building was not an impression of the American majority rules system. 

Joe Biden called the assault on the Legislative hall Slope fabricating the haziest day in US history and approached President Trump to show up on state TV and approach dissenters to stay cool and cancel the fights. 

7-Love allies, don't go rogue: Trump 

In light of the recently chosen president's call, US President Donald Trump approached the dissidents to keep quiet and scatter. 

8-"I love my allies, don't go rogue and return home," Trump said. 

After the US president's declaration, his allies scattered and the roads were loaded up with representatives, while the police assumed responsibility for the Legislative center Slope working by emptying the nonconformists. 

9-The culprits should be dealt with: US Secretary of State.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an explanation that "I put stock in the crucial right of each resident to dissent calmly, yet it is unsuitable for dissidents to enter the Legislative hall Slope working to deal with the culprits." Will be.

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