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'Facebook for sale', Twitter founder asks price,

'Facebook for sale', Twitter founder asks price,

Pakistan's WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram services around the world are affected, which is on all software.

Where Twitter users have vented their frustrations over the closure of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram is a variety of resistance and satire memes post-Cindy.

Inspired by the official Twitter account, Tons has become a Twitter partner, and Business Executive Officer (CEO) Jack Dorsey was not present.

'Facebook for sale', the Twitter founder asked the price, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jack Dorsey was not far behind on this occasion. Due to this, all the attention of social media users has been focused on Twitter.cited by Twitter's official account have been mocked, while Twitter co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Jack Dorsey was 

Jack Dorsey retweeted a meme showing an ad for the sale of Facebook, stating that Facebook.com is available for sale.

One user posted a picture in response showing a tomb of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, while Twitter was shown there with a victory sign.

A user has posted a video of Mr. Bean waiting for his turn to see a doctor at the hospital. There is an injured woman who has been likened to an infected app.

Another user shared a popular meme that showed a man quietly enjoying a game of people on the ground, likened to a man who was enjoying watching.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram begin to return after a major,

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram services across the world, including Pakistan, have been affected and millions of users are facing difficulties.

Facebook and WhatsApp have not given a clear reason for the closure of the applications, but experts are giving different reasons. Experts say that the problem has arisen due to the change in the Facebook web system.

According to experts, Facebook had made several changes to Votokol at the border gateway, due to which Facebook has disappeared from the Internet.

It should be noted that WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram all work on a common infrastructure due to which one of the three services is affected simultaneously due to a malfunction in one service while all three services are owned by Facebook.

The services of the social media application were affected around the world on Monday at around 8.30 pm Pakistan time and Twitter was the only major social networking site that was restored, so users are expressing their frustration on Twitter.
While the services of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are affected worldwide, the services of many other applications are also allegedly affected worldwide.

Israeli journalist Amichai Stein released a list of tweets in which he clarified several applications that are currently facing closure. , Amazon, Spectrum, Verizon, T-Mobile services are reportedly affected
It should be noted that the services of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are affected all over the world including Pakistan and India due to which millions of users are facing difficulties.
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