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America rap: There were many 'rap', video makers in the moving train in America, no one to report

America rap: There were many 'rap', video makers in the moving train in America, no one to report

There were many 'rap', video makers in the moving train in America, no one to report

American female rappers, Authorities say no action is likely to be taken against the other passengers on the train for failing to help the woman after she was allegedly raped on a train in the US city of Philadelphia.

African American rappers, The incident happened last week, and the local Department of Transportation says CCTV footage showed other people on the train watching, but "did nothing."Earlier, police said there could be legal action against passengers who may have filmed the incident.

top American rappers, A man has been arrested in connection with the case and is facing legal action. The alleged rape took place on Wednesday on a train belonging to the local Pennsylvania state train service SEPTA. "Other people on the train were eyewitnesses to the horrific incident and could have been stopped if any of them had called 911," the agency said in a statement.

famous American rappers, The incident was reported to the police by an employee of the train service, after which the police found the victim and took the accused into custody. The suspect has been identified as 35-year-old Fishton Ngoi, who is now on trial for crimes other than rape. According to police, the victim is now in hospital and is cooperating in the investigation.

American rappers list, Police said in a press conference on Monday that the whole incident of harassment and rape lasted for 40 minutes but no one from the train contacted the police about it.It is not clear how many passengers were in the bogie of the train in which the incident took place. Authorities are also investigating whether any of the passengers filmed the incident.

all American rappers, Sept. Police Chief Thomas J. Nestle said: "I can tell you that where the woman was being attacked, people's phones were turning in that direction." And be committed to improving the system. Upper Derby Superintendent of Police Timothy Bernhard told the New York Times that those who did not help the woman but kept making videos could be prosecuted.

English American rappers, However, he said the final decision will be made by the Delaware County District Attorney's Office once the investigation is complete. Timothy Bernhardt did not say what kind of criminal charges such individuals would face but said legal action against those who saw the attack and did not help would not be easy.

USA rap, In response to questions from the BBC, the Delaware County District Attorney's Office said the investigation was ongoing and there was no immediate possibility of legal action against any of the passengers.

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