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Afghans will die of starvation, the situation is getting worse: UN

 Afghans will die of starvation, the situation is getting worse: UN

Afghans will die of starvation, the situation is getting worse: The United Nations says millions of Afghans, including children, could starve to death if immediate steps are not taken to bring Afghanistan out of the brink of disaster.

According to Reuters, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on Monday called for the restoration of frozen funds to help Afghanistan emerge from the humanitarian crisis.

David Beasley, executive director of the World Food Program, told Reuters that more than half of Afghanistan's population suffers from severe food insecurity. "Children will die," he said. People will starve to death. The situation is getting worse. "

Afghanistan fell into crisis in August after the Taliban took control of the country, and foreign aid was cut off.

"What we were predicting is coming true faster than we expected," said David Beasley. The fall of Kabul was unexpected and the economy is falling faster than that.

"You have to restore the funds so that people can survive," he said.

The UN's food agency needs about ً 220 million a month to partially feed 23 million Afghans.

Many Afghans are selling their valuables for food. The Taliban are also unable to pay the salaries of government employees. Aid agencies are urging the international community to liaise with Afghanistan's new rulers to prevent a catastrophe.

"I don't think world leaders know what's going to happen," he said.

In August, the World Bank expressed concern over the situation in Afghanistan and cut off aid to Afghanistan.

UN chief Antonio Guterres has called for international contacts with the Taliban to save Afghanistan from economic collapse and said aid could be used to improve human rights.

World Bank 'extremely concerned' over the situation in Afghanistan, suspends aid,

The World Bank has suspended guide to Afghanistan, saying it is "incredibly worried" about the circumstance in Afghanistan, particularly after the Taliban dominated. 

As indicated by the French news office, a representative for the World Bank said that guide to Afghanistan has been halted yet the circumstance is in effect firmly observed. 

Washington reported last week that the Taliban would not approach the nation's gold and money holds. A large portion of these resources are abroad. As indicated by the World Bank's site, the World Bank has multiple dozen advancement projects in progress in Afghanistan and has given تین 5.3 billion beginning around 2002, for the most part in help. 

The Global Financial Asset (IMF) has additionally suspended a 37 370 million credit program with Afghanistan and another 40 340 million program. 

In light of President Biden's clearing date 

In spite of admonitions from European partners, US President Joe Biden has said he is pushing for an August 31 cutoff time to finish the withdrawal. 

In excess of 70,000 individuals have been emptied from Afghanistan, as indicated by AFP, yet many are as yet holding up at Kabul air terminal to leave the country. US partners need to stretch out the departure date to empty regular citizens from Afghanistan. 

Then again, a NATO ambassador said that Afghanistan's neighbors should open their lines to empty whatever number of individuals as would be prudent. 

"Iran, Pakistan and Tajikistan ought to clear however many individuals as could be expected under the circumstances through their property boundaries and air borders," the NATO envoy in Kabul told Reuters. Afghanistan has been experiencing a dry season for a long time. 

The helpful circumstance is disturbing,

A NATO representative, talking on state of obscurity, said a few worldwide guide organizations were stressed over moving their Afghan staff to adjoin nations. 

David Beasley, a leader overseer of the World Food Program in Doha, said "a disastrous tempest is coming to a direct result of long stretches of dry spell, struggle, poor monetary conditions, and the Covid."He engaged the worldwide local area to give  200 million for food supplies.

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