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Rally for Donald Trump supporters on Capitol Hill in Washington

 Rally for Donald Trump supporters on Capitol Hill in Washington

Rally for Donald Trump supporters on Capitol Hill in Washington

trump rally today, Hundreds of police officers patrol Capitol Hill in the US capital ahead of a rally by supporters of former US President Donald Trump.

After Donald Trump's election defeat in January, his supporters stormed Capitol Hill.

trump rally tickets, According to the British news agency Reuters, the black eight-foot-high iron fence around the building has been re-installed after six months, 100 national guards are ready and security personnel is waiting for passengers arriving from Washington's nearest airport to stop the violence. Checking

Hours before the rally began, Capitol police took up positions around the building with helmets, batons, and pistols used in the riots.

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Municipal buses bringing officers to the scene have slowed traffic on surrounding roads and blocked the road between the Capitol Building and Union Station by trucks.

"On January 6, we knew something was going to happen, but we didn't expect it to happen," said a police officer stationed near Capitol Hill. This time around, we're expecting the worst. "

protests in dc today live, Washington was mostly empty on Saturday morning as many members moved out of the city.

 Organizers of the "Justice for J Six" rally say they expect a peaceful rally, but Police Chief J. Thomas said Friday there is a risk of violence and that police will stop fighting between Trump supporters and opponents. ۔

Six hundred people were arrested in connection with the January attack on Capitol Hill who stormed a rally following allegations of Trump fraud. Trump's claim was rejected by several courts, election officials, and the Trump administration itself. trump rally schedule 2021,

On January 6, President Trump's supporters in Washington, and for a few hours, police had contributed to the Capital Hill building and the situation.

Four people were killed during the violent protests, while police confirmed the arrest of 52 people.

US President Joe Biden called the attack on Capitol Hill the darkest event in American democracy.

Joe Biden, tweeted urging President Trump to go ahead and reject the violence. On the other hand, Donald Trump had told the protesters to "go home." It is believed that President Trump had earlier encouraged the protesters to go to Congress.

In February, the US Senate acquitted former President Donald Trump of "inciting the uprising" in a second impeachment hearing.

In the impeachment proceedings, 57 senators pleaded guilty to inciting protesters to attack Capitol Hill on January 6, while 47 senators pleaded not guilty. The impeachment required a two-thirds majority (67).

Rally for Donald Trump supporters on Capitol Hill in Washington

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