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Explosion at Kabul Airport:The death toll from the blasts at Kabul airport has risen to 73

Explosion at Kabul Airport: The death toll from the blasts at Kabul airport has risen to 73

Explosion at Kabul Airport:The death toll from the blasts at Kabul airport has risen to 73

Biden vows revenge for Kabul attack that killed 13 US - CBS ...

Kabul airport attack, According to foreign media, 140 people were injured in the blasts while 13 American soldiers were also among the dead.

Afghan officials say the dead and wounded, including women and children, have been taken to various hospitals for medical treatment.

At least 73 people killed in blasts outside Kabul airport - Sky ...

Kabul airport blast, According to British media, the banned organization ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Kabul airport blasts.

Kabul airport code, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid strongly condemned the blasts, lamented the loss of human lives, and prayed for the speedy recovery of the injured, saying those responsible would be brought to justice.

Blasts at Kabul airport: Follow Afghanistan LIVE updates - The ...

Kabul airport news, It may be recalled that the United States, Britain, and Australia had on Thursday banned their citizens from approaching Kabul Airport due to the threat of terrorism.

It is difficult to say whether the attack was carried out in partnership with the Taliban, the United States

Kabul airport news today, General McKenzie, commander of the US Central Command, while briefing on the Kabul attacks, said that he did not know the nature of the blast, it was difficult to estimate the damage, the investigation would take time but the evacuation mission would continue.

Kabul airport explosions: US troops, Afghans killed - CNN

Kabul airport bomb blast, He said that two attacks were carried out on Kabul airport and after the suicide attack on the airport gate, firing also took place while 12 US military personnel were killed and 15 others were injured in the attack.

Kabul airport blast: Death toll surges to 73, 142 reported injured

Kabul airport bombing, He said that a large number of Afghan civilians were also killed in the attack while the injured were being treated at various hospitals and airports.

Attack in Afghanistan kills at least 73, including 13 U.S. troops

Kabul airport dhamaka, dangerous and that more attacks are feared," McKenzie said. We know that ISIS wants to target our planes," he said further said that efforts are being made to evacuate as many people as possible, they want to complete the mission by August 31 and this is what the Taliban want while we have so far managed to evacuate 140,000 people from Afghanistan.

Dozens killed in two blasts outside Kabul airport - Al Jazeera

Kabul airport dhamaka, It may be recalled that on Thursday, two consecutive blasts took place near Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul, as a result of which 60 people, including 12 American soldiers, were killed.

Explosion at Kabul Airport:  The death toll from the blasts at Kabul airport has risen to 73

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