Military plane crashes: Military plane crashes in Philippines, killing 29,

 Military plane crashes: Military plane crashes in the Philippines, killing 29,

a military plane crashes, Military plane crashes in the Philippines, death toll rises to 29 The number of passengers killed in a military plane crash in the Philippines has risen to 29. Defense Minister Dolphin Lorenzana said in a statement that 40 people were injured in the crash.

According to AFP, the defense secretary said the C-130 had 92 people on board, including crew, most of them soldiers.

military plane crashes in GeorgiaThe statement said the transport plane had deviated from the runway at the time of landing. Earlier, the Philippine military chief said a military plane carrying 85 people had crashed in the southern part of the country. ۔

So far, 40 people have been rescued from the wreckage of the C-130, General Cerileto Sobiejana told AFP.

According to him, the plane crashed while landing on Jolo Island in Solo province.

"The rescue service is near the wreckage of the plane and we are praying for more lives to be saved," said General Sobijana.

recent military plane crashes, He said the plane was carrying soldiers and landed off the runway while landing. According to General Subijana, the plane tried to take off again but was unsuccessful.

According to AFP, most of the passengers on the military plane had recently passed out of basic military training and were being sent to the Joint Counter-Terrorism Task Force in the Muslim-majority region of the Philippines.

There are large numbers of troops in the southern Philippines, where militant groups are active, including Abu Sayyaf, who was involved in kidnapping for ransom.

 Military plane crashes: Military plane crashes in the Philippines, killing 29,

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