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CORONAVIRUS:12 cases of Indian Delta virus outbreak in Lahore, Pakistan

 CORONAVIRUS:12 cases of Indian Delta virus outbreak in Lahore, Pakistan,

thank you, coronavirus helpers,12 cases of Indian Delta virus outbreak in Lahore, Pakistan, 12 cases of delta variant spread in the provincial capital Lahore, 12 cases of Indian virus delta outbreak confirmed in Lahore, samples of suspected patients Mayo Hospital, Services and Jinnah Hospital Taken from According to sources, the Department of Primary and Secondary Health had taken samples of suspected Delta patients from Mayo Hospital, Services, and Jinnah Hospital two days ago.
coronavirus vaccine, Delta virus has been confirmed in 12 of the 28 samples, which were tested in health department labs. Health Secretary Sara Aslam said that the laboratories of the Punjab Health Department have Delta virus diagnostic machines and kits, the spread of Delta virus is 50% higher than other viruses. The only solution to prevent all types of coronavirus is to implement SOPs and vaccines.
coronavirus symptoms,In addition, Dr. Yasmeen Rashdeen, Provincial Minister for Health, gave a special lecture on "Government Policies in the Health Sector and Measures to Corona Coronation" to the officers who came to conduct courses for grades 18 to 19 in the Management and Professional Development Department. Ali Tahir and a large number of promotional course officers attended. Secretary MPDD Ali Tahir and officers paid tributes to Health Minister Dr Yasmeen Rashid for his services to the Punjab Health Department.
Illinois coronavirus,During the lecture, Provincial Minister for Health Dr. Asman Rashidne spoke to the senior officers who came for the promotional course on the priorities of the health department, government measures for remediation of the corona, universal health coverage, and sustainable development targets and policies of the health department. Expressing his views, Provincial Health Minister Dr. Rashid said that in line with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, creating facilities in the health sector for the people of Punjab was among the top priorities.
coronavirus update,Corona has very quickly taken over the world. Pakistan is currently going through the fourth wave of Corona. Coronavirus is rapidly changing its forms in the world. There is a danger of spreading the Delta variant during the fourth wave of Corona. He said that Punjab has taken timely steps to control Corona. The whole world appreciated the efforts of Pakistan to control Corona.
coronavirus symptoms day by day,The establishment of a major body like NCOC played a pivotal role in controlling Corona. The NCOC led the fight against Corona in administrative and technical terms. The people of Pakistan and Punjab fought the first three waves of Corona with full vigor and courage. The third wave of Corona has affected the people of Punjab more than the first and second wave.
corona cases in Pakistan,The death toll during the third wave of Corona was slightly higher than that of the first and second waves. During the fourth wave of Kolonaki, the people of Punjab have to be more careful than in the past. The Health Minister said that the scope of vaccination in Punjab has been expanded. Ensuring vaccination of more than three and a half lakh people in Punjab on a daily basis. Corona's only solution lies in the strict implementation of SOPs and vaccination.
Maryland coronavirusThe establishment of 25 biosafety labs in Punjab was very important. Maximum coronal testing can be the most effective way to prevent coronary heart disease. Dr. Rashid said that the credit for the recruitment of more than 35,000 doctors in Punjab on merit goes to Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazaar. It will help save thousands of mothers and children through seven Madrid and Child hospitals in Punjab.

corona vaccine in Pakistan,The funds of Rs. 370 billion provided by the government for the health department in the budget for the financial year 2021-22 are a reflection of the government's priorities. He said that by the grace of God, Corona has done less harm to Pakistan than the neighboring countries. Inshallah, we will control the fourth wave of Kolonaki. The provincial health minister said that providing universal health coverage to 19.3 million families in Punjab was the embodiment of Prime Minister Imran Khan's dream. The officers who have come here should go to the field and highlight the steps taken for the betterment of the people in the health sector.

 CORONAVIRUS:12 cases of Indian Delta virus outbreak in Lahore, Pakistan,

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