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Bagram Air Base: US evacuates Guantanamo Bay, Afghan government tests begin

 Bagram Air Base: US evacuates Guantanamo Bay, Afghan government tests begin

Bagram Air Base: the US clears Guantanamo Inlet runway in Afghanistan 

The last US and NATO troops have cleared Afghanistan's Bagram Air Base, which has been at the focal point of the battle against assailants for as far back as 20 years, US safeguard authorities say.

This withdrawal might actually imply that the total withdrawal of unfamiliar soldiers from Afghanistan is up and coming. 

Bagram airbase attacks, President Joe Biden has effectively said that US troops will pull out from Afghanistan by September 11. 

In any case, the immense army installation north of Kabul is being emptied as the Taliban advance into a few pieces of Afghanistan. September 11 denotes the twentieth commemoration of the 2001 assaults on the US will go. Around 3,000 individuals were killed in the assaults. 

Bagram airbase attack, The assaults were done by al-Qaeda, a worldwide assailant bunch situated in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda had the help of the Taliban in Afghanistan, which has governed the country since the 1990s. 

US-drove alliance powers attacked Afghanistan soon thereafter to overcome the two gatherings. 

Presently the US is finishing its longest conflict subsequent to perpetrating weighty losses and leaving the security of Afghanistan to the Afghan government. 

Bagram airbase news today, Around 2,500 to 3,500 US troops are accepted to have been in Afghanistan as of not long ago, and they are currently planning to get back with around 7,000 other alliance troops. 

From that point forward, not exactly 1,000 US troops will stay in Afghanistan. 

Examination, Liz Dossett: Focal Reporter for Foreign relations is Bagram airbase safe, Bagram is an indication of what is to come. An image of American military force, the base was once under Soviet control. Presently the test for Afghan security powers will be the means by which to control the city inside the city. 

Bagram is significant, both emblematically and deliberately. Taliban contenders progressing in various regions of the nation are searching for a similar award. Additionally, last October, individuals in the city around the base revealed to us that the Taliban were among them. 

current time in Bagram airbaseDuring a new visit to the army installation, as the US was pressing, we heard how the Afghan security powers see it as a delight. 

The base has a secret stash of military resources, yet it is additionally the Taliban's essential objective. Degenerate administrators and others are likewise watching. 

The endless Afghans whose lives and occupations relied upon the base currently feel desolate, and for them, the new section of Bagram is a wellspring of concern.

 Bagram Air Base: US evacuates Guantanamo Bay, Afghan government tests begin

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