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Afghanistan: What will happen in Afghanistan after 65 days?

 Afghanistan: What will happen in Afghanistan after 65 days?

China, India - anyone to interfere in Afghan affairs.After independence, our country will first of all be in dire need of reconstruction and economic and political strength. Let us all sincerely participate in the reconstruction and development of our country. We assure our nation that after the end of the aggression, a system of "Afghan inclusion" will be established in which all classes and units will get their share according to their ability and potential. No one's legitimate right will be lost. Insha'Allah. "
Biden to withdraw U.S. forces from Afghanistan by Sept. 11,It is a message and a commitment. Amir-ul-Momineen of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, 60-year-old Shaykh-ul-Hadith Maulvi Hebat Akhundzada. The news is that more than one-third of the 421 districts with a population of 39 million are ruled by the "Taliban". Western sources refrain from calling them "Islamic Emirate". Islamic countries, including Pakistan, call the Doha talks the Taliban-US talks. The Islamic Emirate and the United States do not talk.

Afghanistan: Background and U.S. Policy: In Brief,It is being feared all over the world that the Taliban rule in Afghanistan will be established as soon as the US troops withdraw completely. This is what the spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate says in the monthly 'Shariat'. It also gives details of the preparations that will be the priorities of the Islamic Emirate after liberation from colonialism. Its current leader says: "After the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate wants immediate steps to be taken to rebuild and develop the country under the shadow of a purely Islamic system."

Afghanistan Study Group Final Report - United States Institute,Creating an environment conducive to global investment in the best interests of the country so that our economy can stand on its own two feet. Let the cities and villages be inhabited. Provide employment opportunities to compatriots.

The US intelligence agencies have also unanimously predicted that "within six months of the withdrawal of US troops, the Afghan government will collapse." Deviating.

Large numbers of these soldiers are taking refuge across the border in Tajikistan. The United States is also encouraging it. Many Afghans who were helping the US military and administration are being sheltered in Tajikistan. From there they will continue to reach the United States. The Islamic Emirate's own information is that every month one thousand to fifteen hundred people are leaving the ranks of the enemy and joining the Islamic Emirate.

Real-World Options for Afghanistan | Center for Strategic and,He does not consider the current Afghan army to be a source of pride. The Islamic Emirate is largely satisfied with the implementation of the Doha Agreement. The only protest is that the release of prisoners is not in accordance with the agreement.

How do we Pakistanis feel about this situation? Foreign Ministry statements are coming. But the Islamic Emirate feels it under the influence of American colonialism.

A Muslim brother does not consider the feelings of the country. It should have happened as time approached. Pakistan's parliament should openly discuss this scenario. How will these changes affect Pakistan's national interests? Parliament must decide US policy and Afghan policy for the future. Similarly, in our 224 universities where more than three million young people are studying, let them consider the global and regional changes taking place in their neighborhood.

We must see what the Islamic Emirate (Taliban) is thinking. What does the current Afghan government have to say about the Afghan army, American schools and hospitals because it is certain that the future Taliban will prevail. We should not rely on American think tanks or the media. Afghan policy must be formulated by consensus.

No single entity should have a monopoly on it. Just think, Afghan brothers who have been the fuel of war for 40 years. At the moment, their currency, the Afghani, is very stable. One afghani is equal to 13 0.013. Foreign exchange reserves also exceed 8 8 billion. The United States has spent a total of over ٹ 2 trillion here.

The cost of the war alone is 93 933 billion. September 11 is the deadline. In just 65 days, the area will be breathing complete freedom. According to US sources, 241,000 people were killed in those 20 years.

Afghanistan: Background and US Policy: In Brief - CRS Reports,71,344 civilians, 2,400 Americans, 78,314 Afghan military and police officers. 20,000 American soldiers have been injured, many of them disabled. Let the American people, intellectuals, analysts sit back and think that these 20 years, two trillion dollars, and so many people have been lost.

What good is that? How the world has suffered during this period. How can the United States be acquitted of all the war crimes that have taken place in the region as a result of the terrorism caused by this invasion? Ashraf Ghani, 72, Abdullah Abdullah, 60, and Karzai, 63, will all be refugees in the United States. The future leadership seems to be in the hands of Mullah Mohammad Omar's son, 30-year-old Mullah Mohammad Yaqub.

The Islamic Emirate is very clear about the future system of government. She does not consider elections and democracy to be the aspirations of the Afghan people. He is adamant that the aspiration of the Afghan people is an Islamic system, which will be established with all Afghan units.
Women's education and rights will be decided in this light. They do not allow Pakistan, Iran,

  Afghanistan: What will happen in Afghanistan after 65 days?

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