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Pakistani Space Program and First Leader: When Five Pakistani Scientists Made Pakistan a Space Force in Just Nine Months

 Pakistani Space Program and First Leader: When Five Pakistani Scientists Made Pakistan Space Force in Just Nine Months,

Salim Mehmud - Wikipedia,Pakistani Space Program and First Leader: When Five Pakistani Scientists Made Pakistan a Space Force in Just Nine Months Left to Right: Ahmad Zameer Farooqi (Communications, Pakistan Air Force), Muhammad Rehmatullah (Pakistan Meteorological Department), Dr. Tariq Mustafa (Team Leader) , Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission), Dr. Saleem Mahmood (Electronics, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission), Sikandar Zaman (Engineering, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission)

Pakistan - Wikipedia, This is the story of June 7, 1962. A group of five young scientists from Pakistan gathered with Dr. Abdul Salam in the coastal area of ​​Sonmiani in Balochistan.

On that day, 36 years before the May 1998 nuclear blasts in Balochistan, another scientific experiment was to take place on Balochistan soil.

All these scientists are preparing to send Pakistan's first rocket into space. Then the countdown begins.

Inside Space Force: Here's What the New Agency Does | Time, And Pakistan's first rocket, the 'First Leader', successfully launches into space and becomes a leader for more rockets to follow.

Not only that, with this launch, Pakistan became the first South Asian power, including the Muslim world, to successfully conduct a space experiment.

It is now 59 years since the incident, but the team leader of the project, Dr. Tariq Mustafa, still remembers that day as if it were yesterday.

Pakistan aims to send first astronaut into space by 2022, How this project started, how Pakistan achieved this goal and what challenges the team faced during this time, these were my questions that led me to look for members of this team after six decades.

While Dr. Tariq was smiling and talking about this era in his witty but dignified manner, this space-loving journalist suddenly found himself in that era.

Come with me on this journey,

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World War II is over. The battlefield has now shifted to space instead of Earth. The nature of the war has also changed to economic and scientific backwardness instead of harming each other with weapons.

Everyone wants a Space Force — but why? | Space, Russia and the United States are trying to degrade each other in the space race. The United States wonders how Russia got ahead of the first man in space.

Suddenly, US President John F. Kennedy announces that the United States will not only land man on the moon before the end of the sixties, but also bring him back safely.

Space Force to cost $2 billion, include 15000 personnel in first, was a major challenge for NASA, the US space agency's administrator of the Apollo space program, and it needed a lot of data and scientific data that it did not have at the time.

He also needed to know the state of the atmosphere over the Indian Ocean and when he decided to do so, Pakistan's star shone.

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