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David Barnia: New head of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency for whom Iran is the biggest security challenge

David Barnia: New head of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency for whom Iran is the biggest security challenge,

New Mossad chief: Even as it negotiates, Iran working toward,David Barnia: The new top of Israel's Mossad knowledge organization, for whom Iran is the greatest security challenge, was confirmed in Tel Aviv by David Barnia (focus). 

David Barnes, the new top of Israel's Mossad knowledge organization, has been confirmed. At this event, he said that Iran is "at the top" of the security challenges confronting Israel. 

The new Mossad boss, David Barnia, 56, is supposed to be a specialist in get-together specialists against the Iranian and Lebanese aggressor bunch Hezbollah. 

New Mossad chief vows to stop Iran's ' dream' of nuclear arms, He has been with Mossad for a very long time and was a commando in the Israeli armed force's most significant military unit, the Special Unit.

He is the replacement to previous boss UC Cohen, who was confirmed in 2016 and drove one of the world's most significant knowledge organizations for a very long time. Sitting on a Bentley garrison. Simultaneously, the board is noticeable where the distance between various nations has been shown 

Incoming Mossad chief revealed as David Barnea. Here's,Barnie's assignment was at that point expected, yet because of Israeli military oversight controls, the information on David Barnie's selection couldn't be affirmed before the authority declaration from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office. 

In December a year ago, the Prime Minister declared that it had been chosen to supplant UC Cohen with an official known as Code D. 

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz praised him on Twitter on May 24, saying the following Mossad boss (Barnia) had been named "a standout amongst other knowledge organizations on the planet." 

Passing the Mossad torch: Can David Barnea fill Yossi,We might want to accept this open door to say thanks to UC Cohen (Barnie's archetype) who drove the basic tasks by building new capacities. This (new) security framework will work intimately with Mossad and fortify Israel's security. 

In any case, in her profession, Barnia has not just worked for the insight organization. As indicated by the London-based Middle East Eye, he withdrew from nonappearance to examine business organization and account at New York University and was momentarily utilized as a senior business administrator at a speculation bank in Israel. Stay 

Israel appoints former operative David Barnea as new Mossad,As indicated by Turkey's public telecaster TRT, senior Mossad authorities say Barnia is "reformist and not traditionalist." According to an article in The Times, he appreciates running and long running. 

David Barnia: "Iran won't withdraw" 

As indicated by the Israeli paper Haaretz, talking at his swearing-in function on Tuesday, David Barnia said that Iran would not quit fostering its atomic weapons "if it is engaged with an atomic arrangement." 

A day sooner, UC Cohen, the archetype of the new Mossad boss David Barnia, likewise talked at his goodbye function about Israeli-Iranian relations. 

Veteran Mossad operative named Israeli spy agency's new chief,Talking at the service, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that if Israel needed to pick between "disavowing the United States and taking out the danger from Iran, we should dispense with the danger to our endurance." A satellite picture of Iran's Bushehr atomic plant: record photograph 

He added that Israel should do all that could be within reach to guarantee that Iran doesn't gain atomic weapons under any conditions.

.said, alluding to Iran's atomic program. ' 

Prior in the day, UC Cohen, an archetype to the new Mossad boss David Barnia, said in his goodbye address that Israel had reached the "heart" of Iran. 

Netanyahu Names New Permanent Mossad Head - I24news,We will proceed with our tasks to get some answers concerning him and reveal his mysteries and hurt his self-assurance and pride. " 

As per the Israeli paper Times of Israel, UC Cohen's assertion was about his five-year administration, during which it is said that Israel's incognito activities against Iran and its atomic program have expanded fundamentally. 

During the hour of UC Cohen, the author of Iran's atomic program was killed, secret blasts occurred in Iran's atomic plants and chronicles of Iran's atomic program were gotten to. 

Talking at his goodbye service, Cohen added, "Israeli activities have presented to the world the truth of Iran's atomic program and uncovered Iran's untruths and trickery."

David Barnia: New head of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency for whom Iran is the biggest security challenge,

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