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US President sheds blood by supporting Israel, Turkish President

 US President sheds blood by supporting Israel, Turkish President

US President Sheds Blood by Supporting Israel, Turkish,US President sheds blood by supporting Israel, Turkish President 

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has pointedly condemned US President Joe Biden for supporting Israel. 

In a media preparation after the bureau meeting, Tayyip Erdogan said that US President Joe Biden has took care of business by supporting Israel. He said that Joe Biden is composing history with his grisly hands.

Turkey President Says Joe Biden Has " Bloody Hands" For, Tending to the US President, Erdogan stated, "Biden, you constrained us to say this. We can't withdraw." 

It ought to be noticed that the US President has proclaimed the Israeli hostility on Gaza as a safeguard, while now the US has additionally supported the inventory of arms to Israel. 

Turkey President Erdogan alleges Joe Biden has ' bloody,It ought to be noticed that Israel has been besieging Gaza for as far back as a few days, because of which in excess of 200 Palestinians, including ladies and youngsters, have been martyred and hundreds have been harmed. 

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What's more, many homes and structures have been obliterated and in excess of 10,000 individuals have been uprooted up until now.

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