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The Afghan Taliban responded to the news of the establishment of a US base in Pakistan

 The Afghan Taliban responded to the news of the establishment 

of a US base in Pakistan,

Afghanistan: 'We have won the war, America has lost', say,It is realized that the US needs to be available in our neighborhood for activities. We request from the adjoining nations not to permit such a chance to anybody. This will be a notable slip-up and shame. The duty regarding the issues will be on the miscreants. Taliban articulation The Afghan Taliban have responded to the information on the foundation of a US base in Pakistan. As indicated by a report on Geo television, the Afghan Taliban say that it is realized that the US needs to be available in our neighborhood for tasks, request from adjoining nations. Try not to permit anybody to make such a stride and allow them an opportunity. 

The U.S. War in Afghanistan | Council on Foreign Relations,In an explanation, the Afghan Taliban said that unfamiliar soldiers were the fundamental driver of insecurity and battle around there. The assertion further said that if this was done, it would be a memorable misstep and a shame. The Afghan Muslim Mujahid Country won't stay quiet against a particularly horrifying demonstration and the obligation regarding the troubles will fall on the transgressors. 

Don't expect an al-Qaida reboot in Afghanistan,It is to be noticed that Pakistan has denied the reports of permitting the US to utilize its air and land. An assertion gave by the Unfamiliar Office of Pakistan emphatically denied the reports of giving airbase or army installation to the US in Pakistan. In such manner, it has been explained that there is no US airbase or army installation in the country, no such proposition is getting looked at. 

TORA BORA REVISITED: HOW WE FAILED TO GET BIN ,Hypotheses are unjustifiable, untrustworthy articulations ought to be kept away from. The Unfamiliar Office representative further said that Pakistan and the US have had a structure for participation in the field of aircraft correspondence since 2001. He said that the structure for collaboration in the field of ground lines correspondence has likewise been set up since 2001. The representative said no new understanding had been reached with the US. 

Pakistan: No More Military Bases for US Afghan Mission,In such manner, Pentagon authorities asserted that Pakistan has permitted US powers to utilize airspace and land to help keep a presence in Afghanistan. This was guaranteed by US Agent Secretary of Safeguard for Indo-Pacific Undertakings David F. Halloway in a preparation to the US Outfitted Administrations Advisory group a week ago,


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