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Post-Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Scenario: Internal Issues between Israel and Palestine,

 Israel-Palestine Post-Conflict Scenario: How Long Will the Ceasefire 

Between Israel and Palestine, Internal Problems Last?

Why Did the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Explode Now? -, For the past several days, Palestinians have been forced to confine themselves to their homes because going out could be fatal. Now, after Friday's ceasefire, he stepped out and took a walk in his area, realizing the devastation caused by the Israeli attacks.

Most were seen around the rubble of buildings torn down by Israeli airstrikes. In some areas, the streets were blocked by the rubble of collapsed buildings. Bulldozers spent hours clearing the roadblocks.

Conflict Between Israel a ,These scenes may not come as a surprise to them as it has been shown on TV channels many times. I went to the funeral of nine fighters in Khan Yunis, a town in Gaza, who were killed by Israel while targeting the Hamas tunnel network.

Israeli politicians and commanders claim to have inflicted heavy damage on the terrorist infrastructure of Hamas and other small militant groups in Gaza. The damage to buildings can be seen. But I myself did not agree to go to the underground military installations, but the general discussion here gives the impression that Hamas is shocked that Israel is attacking its allies in a network of "safe" underground tunnels. Has also succeeded in killing.

What Sparked the Latest Israeli-Palestinian Confrontations, However, support for these armed groups in Gaza has not diminished during the 11-day conflict. Thousands of people attended the funeral in Khan Younis. The funerals were held in the squares, after which the bodies of the slain fighters were wrapped in Palestinian flags and brought to the cemetery in the form of a rally and slogans were chanted.

However, both Israel and Hamas claim victory.

On the one hand, Israeli leaders show a list of buildings they have demolished, claim the deaths of Hamas commanders and fighters, and sing the praises of the success of their Iron Dome anti-missile system.

The Israel-Palestine Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Portents,For Hamas, on the other hand, the definition of victory is actually survival. In Gaza, their leader, Yahya Sanwar, emerged victorious from his hiding place the day after the ceasefire. However, Hamas also appears satisfied with its growing political popularity.

Slogans in favor of Hamas have been chanted after prayers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, 60 miles from Gaza. Hamas has managed to send a message to the Palestinians that it is ready for any kind of war and that it is ready to make sacrifices for the rights of Jerusalem. Israel is emphasizing that the whole of Jerusalem is its real and undivided capital. Palestinians do not agree.
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