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Corona virus outbreak: Conflict between China and US intensifies again

 Coronavirus outbreak: Conflict between China and US intensifies again,

Coronavirus infects China-US relations as the blame game over, Coronavirus outbreak: Conflict between China and the US intensifies Controversy between the US and China over Coronavirus has intensified again. In a statement from the White House, President Biden instructed agencies to collect such information. And double your efforts to analyze them to reach a final conclusion and submit a report in 90 days.

US-China rivalry after COVID-19: Clues and early indications, According to the US Broadcasting Corporation, US agencies are currently divided on the two possible sources of the virus. The SARS-2 virus, which has spread worldwide since last year, has killed 3.4 million people worldwide so far, but experts believe. That number actually exceeds that number. President Biden's orders come at a time when there is a controversial question about whether the virus spread from an animal market in Wuhan or from a research lab in the same area. The consequences of answering this question will be important for the United States and also for China because it says it is not responsible for the epidemic.

From ' Respect' to ' Sick and Twisted': How Coronavirus Hit U.S, The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) has previously funded research on coronavirus in bats in Wuhan but says it has not supported any experiments that could further transmit the virus to humans. Former President Donald Trump's administration cut off the research grant last year. Opposition groups called for an end to the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan, but President Biden said he had used the virus to criticize Dr. Fauchi, an epidemiologist with the NIH, and Beijing. Asked if the disease was spread by human-to-animal contact or by a lab accident, he said US intelligence agencies have so far agreed on two possible scenarios but have not reached a final conclusion on the question.

Coronavirus: US-China tensions increase, Beijing seeks more, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karen Jane Pierre told reporters that intelligence agencies had briefed Biden on his analysis a month earlier, but that the information had been kept secret until now, in response to a question about whether Washington understood that. "We have not ruled out anything yet," he said, adding that the virus was deliberately used as a biological weapon.

Coronavirus pandemic pushes U.S. and China closer to war, China has reacted strongly to the alleged leak of the virus from the lab, with Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian saying that Washington is spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation, but that the hypothesis is still spreading in the United States, where it used to be. The former president and his advisers were blown away. A few days ago, the Wall Street Journal quoted a US intelligence report as saying that three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology had fallen ill with a seasonal illness in November 2019. About a month before the news of the spread of a mysterious pneumonia spread, the general idea about the onset of the virus was that it emerged in bats and could have been transmitted to humans by another animal.

Coronavirus pandemic further strains US-China relations ... - DW, The idea was widely accepted at the outset of the epidemic, but over time, scientists have not found a virus in bats and other animals whose genetic signature is similar to that of the stork 2. Coronavirus was transmitted to humans during the earlier SARS and MERS epidemics, and it was soon discovered that it was transmitted from animals and camels to humans by a team sent to China by the World Health Organization. The United States and other countries have called for more in-depth investigations into the outbreak of the epidemic after unclear findings emerged. On the other hand, independent scientists are calling for more transparency.

 Coronavirus outbreak: Conflict between China and US intensifies again,

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 Coronavirus outbreak: Conflict between China and US intensifies again,

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