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"Calm down now," the Chinese rocket landed back on the ground,

 "Calm down now," the Chinese rocket landed back on the ground,

[WP] World War III breaks out. As each nation prepares to,, The Chinese space agency says a large part of the Chinese rocket crashed into the Indian Ocean after entering Earth's atmosphere on Sunday.According to the French news agency AFP, officials in Beijing said that part of the Long March Five Brocket, which launched the first module of China's new space station into Earth orbit on April 29, The risk of falling anywhere is very low.The last wreckage of the Long March Five Bi Yao 2 rocket entered the atmosphere at 10:24 a.m. May 9, 2021, after monitoring and analysis, according to a statement from China's Space Engineering Office.
'Gang Leader For a Day' - WSJ,The Chinese Space Engineering Office has also identified a wreckage site near the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.The Space Engineering Office also said that most of the rocket had crashed when it re-entered Earth's orbit.The monitoring service Space Track, which uses US military data, also confirmed the rocket had entered Earth's orbit."Everyone can relax after re-entering Long March FiveB," he tweeted. The rocket is down. "
Talk:99942 Apophis/Archive 2 - Wikipedia,"We believe the rocket landed in the Indian Ocean, but we will wait for official data from the 18th Space Control Squadron," SpaceTrack added in a tweet.The fall of the rocket section is similar to the predictions of some experts who said that any kind of debris could fall into the sea from space. Because 70% of the earth is surrounded by water.The re-entry of such a large uncontrollable object into Earth orbit, despite the low chances, raised the possibility of possible damage and death.
Hunting and Gathering,Last week, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said "there is very little chance of damage to the ground."US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said the US military had no plans to bring it down. But China has been reluctant to let it fall out of orbit.China Space Rocket Long March Five B Ocean USA.

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