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A new challenge for Israel, Hamas demonstrates advanced drones and missiles

A new challenge for Israel, Hamas demonstrates advanced drones and missiles

Palestinian Militants Are Now Launching Suicide Drones At, New challenge for Israel, Hamas demonstrates modern drones and missiles, stops Israeli barbarism on Deghaza, but does not stop Zionist atrocities in occupied territories
Israel's provocation continues, firing on protesters in Ramallah. A young man was martyred and Zionist forces have arrested more than 1,700 Palestinians, while Hamas paraded in Gaza, displaying modern drones and missiles. According to foreign media, Israeli barbarism on Gaza stopped but occupied
As Hamas Rockets Rain on Israel, Iron Dome Proves It Can, Zionist atrocities in the area could not be stopped, firing on protesters protesting against new ghettos in the western part of Ramallah, a Palestinian youth was martyred while twenty were injured, forcing a Palestinian family to demolish their own house in Bethlehem ۔
According to Palestinian media, the ruthless Israeli army has arrested more than 1,700 Palestinian youths in the past two weeks, while racist Jewish citizens and Zionist forces have attacked Palestinians 300 times.
Taking the call in Gaza before Israel takes out the building, Addressing a gathering in Tehran, Ismail, the deputy general of the slain Iranian general Qasim Soleimani, said that the Palestinians were ready to take control of all occupied lands and that Zionist citizens should return to Europe.
The American newspaper New York Times published pictures of children martyred in Gaza. The European newspaper also exposed the Israeli atrocities on the Palestinians through cartoons. And went home in trouble, it became a challenge to handle the five-month-old survivor without a mother.
More Than 30 Dead in Gaza and Israel as Fighting Quickly, Gaza continues to celebrate victory over Israel, Hamas held a military parade in Gaza City, the resistance organization displayed missiles and rockets. A large number of people were present on the occasion. A Hamas spokesman issued a warning to Israel, saying that if it looked at Al-Aqsa Mosque with a dirty eye, it would be met with a harsh response.

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