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breaking news : US ready to lift sanctions on Iran

 breaking news: the US ready to lift sanctions on Iran,

  1. The US Prepared to Lift Sanctions 'Inconsistent' With Iran Nuclear,The US ready to lift sanctions on Iran The United States has agreed to temporarily lift sanctions on Tehran over its re-engagement in a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers.
  2. U.S. ‘Prepared’ to Lift Sanctions to Return to Iran Deal,According to foreign media, the US State Department says that Washington is ready to temporarily lift the sanctions imposed on Tehran to implement the nuclear deal reached with the world powers of Iran in 2015.
  3. The U.S. ready to partially lift Iran sanctions to push return to,State Department spokesman Ned Price did not elaborate on whether the sanctions would be lifted but told reporters that he was not in a position to say what the sanctions would be.
  4. The US says prepared to lift sanctions on Iran | Daily SabaIt may be recalled that a nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers was held in Vienna yesterday under the leadership of a European delegation, which was described as a positive development by the Iranian and Russian delegates.

 breaking news: the US ready to lift sanctions on Iran,

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