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world news : Are Saudi-US relations going to change?

 world news: Are Saudi-US relations going to change?

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Saudi news, Are Saudi-US relations on the mend? This week, the new US administration has once again given clear indications on how to distance itself from former President Donald Trump's Middle East policies. Will

White House Press Secretary Jen Pasky has said that President Joe Biden will review US relations with Saudi Arabia, a key US ally in the Middle East.

saudi Arabia news today,President Trump, through his son-in-law Jared Kushner, had established close ties with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and gave him free rein to use US-sold weapons in the war in Yemen. Was

saudi Arabia breaking news pictures videos,It now appears that President Joe Biden, instead of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, will deal with Saudi Arabia through direct talks with King Salman. Shah Salman is the father of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, he is about 80 years old and his health is not very good.

the current situation in saudi arabia,A recent statement from the State Department stated that "US policy will continue to focus on the rule of law and the protection of human rights."

The question arises as to what effect this change in policy by the new US administration will have on both countries and what are the possible threats to the United States and Saudi Arabia going forward?

For Saudi Arabia's young Crown Prince, known to the world as MBS, this will clearly mean that his days of complacency are really over.

Saudi news today live,If Saudi Arabia is to have the United States as its defense ally and guarantor of its security, it will have to make some fundamental changes to its policy to keep up with this shift in thinking at the State Department.

Saudi Arabia news about international flights, The Saudi-led war in Yemen will no longer have US support. Changing its policy on this, Saudi Arabia may say, "Well, we (Saudi Arabia) were already looking for a way to end this war."

Saudi airlines announced today, The United States wants Saudi Arabia to improve relations with Qatar, as Saudi Arabia has done recently. Voices from the US capital have called for the release of women human rights activists imprisoned in Saudi Arabia. And last week, Saudi Arabia released on bail one of its leading human rights activists, Lujan al-Hindu.

Saudi Arabia flight news, Relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States are deeply rooted. The seeds of friendship were sown in the historic 1945 meeting between then-Saudi King Abdulaziz and President Roosevelt on a US warship.

Over the decades, the friendship has gone through a number of crises, including the 1973 ban on the sale of Saudi oil, the 1991 Gulf War, and September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States by Saudi Arabian terrorists.

al Arabiya English, The rulers of Saudi Arabia may not be so happy with the new administration coming to power in Washington, but they are not going to settle matters overnight with any other force instead of the United States. It also took several days for the Saudi rulers to congratulate Biden after he was sworn in as president.

CNN Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia is fully aware that if the United States withdraws its powerful Fifth Fleet from the Gulf, then its longtime enemy Iran will not hesitate to fill the gap and try to establish its supremacy in the region. Will

For now, Biden's administration has assured Saudi Arabia that it will do its utmost to protect it from external attacks and that the United States will continue to help thwart drone strikes by Houthi rebels. ۔

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