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usa today :Turkey has woken up all enemy countries, including the United States

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trump news today, Turkey has woken up all hostile countries, including the United States. Tayyip Erdogan has decided not to compromise on his country's defense, which is why he has strengthened his defense system and expanded it. They are growing and they are using modern technology in this regard. Turkey's new achievement in the defense industry has built a captainless armed ship.

breaking news headlines today, Armed with amazing capabilities, this armed boat has been dubbed Adlaq, which has just started its journey at sea. This boat can be used via mobile from the Headquarters Command Center or from the floating platform. It has a range of 400 km and a speed of 65 km per hour. The armed boat is capable of day and night vision as well as camouflage.

breaking news today, Its mission is to monitor, intelligence, protect the army and protect strategic facilities. It took many years to build this boat and equipped with modern technology, this armed boat has been launched into the sea which is engaged in its mission. Has made defense invincible by making amazing progress in the defense industry. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan himself has taken a keen interest in the development of aircraft, including drones and missiles.

world news today, It should be noted that the United States has hinted at imposing economic sanctions on Turkey over its purchase of the S400 nuclear system from Russia, while Turkey has kept all sanctions at bay and adhered to the deal with Russia for its own defense. Let's see how far Turkey can strengthen its defense capability with Russia, as a result of Turkey's negotiations with the United States.

USA news today headlines, Some time ago, China reiterated its commitment to developing bio-troops, saying that the project would sharpen the brains of soldiers so that they would act like robots, while the United States hinted at developing robotic soldiers directly. However, Turkey has surpassed them in its defense capability by launching a ship without a captain.

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