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news today :Pakistan uses technology to arrest criminals, 'modern equipment not available'

 news today: Pakistan uses technology to arrest criminals, 'modern equipment not available'

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10 Police Technologies That Are Transforming Law EnforcementPakistan uses technology to apprehend criminals, 'modern equipment not available' Ali Imran, a Norwegian pilot, arrives at his home from Islamabad International Airport with his brother, Omar Imran, at 3:00 a.m. on a cold December morning. They were walking.

Chapter 6. Technology, The young man returning to Europe was happy to meet his loved ones two years later who had not slept waiting for him in the bitter cold.

His car leaves the Islamabad International Airport for Gujar Khan Tehsil in Rawalpindi, and at the same time another car, with two men in police uniforms, chases after him.

Police Use New Technologies, At around 4pm, a man in a police uniform signaled to stop Ali Imran's car on GT Road near the Rawalpindi Golf Club for a search.

People also ask

Ali Imran's brother, who was driving the car, saw the police and pulled over, and the two men in the other car came down.

Intelligence-Led Policing, One of them pulled a pistol on Ali Imran and Omar Imran while the other started searching the car and snatched five thousand Euros from Ali Imran's wallet.

Police have registered a case against unknown individuals and are investigating.

9 Privacy, Law Enforcement, A few days later, the police arrested three accused in a row, Muhammad Javed, Sikandar and Ibrahim, on suspicion of the incident.

The investigation revealed that the three were key operatives of a criminal group called the Ibrahim Gang, which has been active across the country for more than two decades. And all over the country, repatriated passengers are involved in returning to the airport.

How COVID-19 is changing law enforcement practices, The group was last arrested in 2000 and then re-arrested for unknown reasons for the next 21 years? According to police records, the gang has been involved in similar incidents in Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, England, Muscat, and Europe.

The gang members would arrive at the airport early in the morning and mingle with passengers from abroad in the light of experience and then chase them.

Made in China, Exported to the World, According to the police investigation, he would sometimes become a police officer, ANF or CIA employee depending on the circumstances and use the uniform and revolving lights in the vehicle. Sometimes they don't even stop using weapons. The members of the Ibrahim gang were fluent in Arabic, Persian, Punjabi and Bihari and knew the art of hypnotizing people.

Police seized 17 items, including weapons, police, CIA uniforms, police hats and cards, international passports, foreign permit residence cards, and masks.

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