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Ladakh border dispute: China admits death of soldiers in border clash with India for first time

Ladakh border dispute: China admits death of soldiers in border clash with India for the first time

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Ladakh border dispute: China's first acknowledgment of soldiers killed in border clash with India China has admitted for the first time that four of its soldiers were killed in a clash with Indian troops in the Gulwan Valley in June last year. ۔

India news, Chinese state media reported on Friday that four soldiers had been killed fighting a "foreign army trying to enter the Chinese border".

The fighting took place in June last year in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed, but China did not provide any information at the time.

It was the first time in 45 years that troops from the two countries had clashed on the Gulwan Valley in the Ladakh region. The clash was fought with iron nails, sticks, and stones.

news headlines, According to Chinese media, China Hong Jin, China Zhangrong, Xiao Xuan, and Wang Zhuoran are the fallen soldiers and have been posthumously awarded high military honors for sacrificing "their youth, blood, and their lives".

Another soldier, Qi Fabio, was described as the commander of a military contingent that suffered serious injuries and was awarded military honors.

BBC news (world),The border dispute between India and China has been going on for decades, mainly due to the more than 3400 km stretch of the Himalayan mountains where there is no formal border mark and it is simply called the Line of Actual Control.

The region has rivers, lakes and heavy snowfall, which makes it very difficult to determine the border, and troops often reach places where other countries claim their rights.

 UK news,However, the two countries have agreed that weapons and explosives will not be used in the region under any circumstances.

In January 2021, the two armies clashed in the northeastern Indian state of Sikkim on the border, injuring soldiers on both sides.

world news today, The Chinese military says its troops have been killed in the Gloucester clash as troops from both countries begin withdrawing from northern and southern parts of Lake Pangong.

India and China have recently agreed not to "engage" and both are withdrawing their troops from the border.

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