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India news today : Glacier rupture floods, search for nearly 200 missing continues

 News today : India: Glacier rupture floods, search for nearly 200 missings continues

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200 missing in India after burst glacier causes flash flooding,
 Glacier rupture floods, search for nearly 200 missing continues, according to police in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

More than 2,000 military, paramilitary, and police personnel, including mountaineering experts, are taking part in the search and rescue mission, according to the Associated Press.

Authorities say the men worked with halogen lights at night.

Glacier Bursts in India, Leaving More Than 100 Missing inThe floods have washed away several bridges and roads, leaving residents in a state of panic. Videos made by local residents show floodwaters entering the Dholi Ganga valley and destroying everything along the way.

Himalayan glacier bursts in India, 9 dead, 200 missing in floods, news agency AFP Police officials say that after falling in Glacier river in Uttar India area Uttarakhand knows at least two hundred people get the hard to extract the trapped s 20 in a tunnel Efforts are being made.

Police Chief Ashok Kumar said there were about 50 workers at the Rishi Ganga plant about whom we have no information, while there were about 150 workers in Tapun.

At least 200 people are missing and nine dead after the glacier, Police said the bodies of three people killed in the floods have been found while efforts are underway to clear the affected villages in Uttarakhand.

Most of the missing are people who were working at the Tapoon power plant near the dam that collapsed due to the floods. Emergency workers are trying to reach the 17 people trapped in the tunnel of the debris-filled complex.

200 missing in India after burst glacier causes flash flooding, Dozens of mobile phone videos have been shared on social media in which water can be seen entering the narrow valley under the power plant and destroying bridges and roads along the way. More evacuated Most of the villages are located on high hills near the tributary of the Ganges.

 Glacier breaks in India's north; flood kills 9, 140 missing, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivinder Singh Rawat said on Twitter that the police and disaster management agency had been directed to take steps to deal with the natural calamity, while Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he was monitoring relief efforts. "India stands with Uttarakhand and the nation prays for the safety of everyone there," he tweeted.

Glacier breaks in India's north; flood kills 9, 140 missing | PBSAuthorities have emptied two dams in the towns of Rishi Kesh and Haridwar to prevent water from reaching the Ganges. Authorities say people in the area have been barred from approaching the holy river. Nero Garg, a senior police officer in the area, said the flash floods had damaged the dam and other installations near the Rishi Ganga power plant.

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