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Healthy, but overweight? Here's why you should still worry -Most people who are overweight don't realize it

 Healthy, but overweight? Here's why you should still worry -Most people who are overweight don't realize it

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types of health, Obesity is the biggest enemy of human health.  Men, children in developed countries, and women in developing countries are the most affected. Obesity is not only a serious disease in itself but also other health problems such as heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, uric acid excess, kidney disease, joint pain (arthritis and gout), insomnia, depression, and May cause paralysis.

 define disease, Obese women have a higher risk of developing breast and cervical cancer. Obesity destroys physical beauty and physical fitness.

No matter how beautiful a woman is, if she becomes physically fat, the beauty of her face will fade in front of her body fat.

That is why it is said that the biggest enemy of the beauty of delicate sex is obesity.

Obesity is actually a simple calculation of income and expenditure. If a person spends as much as his daily income, then nothing will be saved. On the contrary, if income is high and expenditure is low, then money will start accumulating. This is exactly the case with food and physical consumption. Whatever food is being consumed 24 hours a day, even if it is spent, the body will not be obese.

On the contrary, the body must become immobile.

The most important cause of obesity is bad eating habits. Too much poultry foods, too much sweetness and too much starch can lead the body to obesity. Some women have a habit of eating something all the time, such as watching TV, or When guests come to the house, she also eats to accompany them in their humility.

wellness definition,When the baby's stomach is full and he refuses to eat, she eats to prevent food from being wasted. Then she also says that I eat less food but I am still getting fat.

Young girls are fond of fried dishes and spicy foods. For example, they like to eat samosas, fritters, chips, pastries. These foods are not easily digested and increase fat in the body and lead to obesity.

Obesity also affects the skin of women in their forties and fifties. One of the main reasons for this is that their hormones change at this age. This layer of fat builds up in the bloodstream, which increases the load on the heart, which can lead to high blood pressure, joint pain, and difficulty getting up and sitting down.

 the definition of wellness, Another cause of obesity is hereditary. That is, if other family members, especially parents, are obese, then their children may also be obese. Obesity is also a disorder of the glands in the body. The advancement of science has made life so easy and comfortable that women can finish housework in minutes instead of hours through machines.

This ease also causes obesity in them. In the past, women used to grind at home, grind spices on the floor, sweep the house and wash clothes. This physical exertion did not cause obesity in them. Machines do the work. This facilitation invites obesity.

There are several ways to prevent obesity.
Most health experts say that the most important and golden rule to stay safe from obesity is to correct your eating habits and eat a balanced diet. Never resort to starvation to lose weight because starvation Milk in four basic groups of food, and milk products in the second group, meat, fish, poultry and eggs in the second group, all kinds in the third group. The fourth group includes fresh fruits and vegetables and grains and pulses.
the definition of well-being, Depending on the nature of the work, the food schedule of these food groups can be adjusted. If more time is spent on physical exertion, then foods with more energy and heat should be included in the schedule, including fish, poultry, and milk. If you do not have much movement and do not have to do physical work or working women who have to work hard, then the foods that have the least amount of calories should be preferred.
Vegetables and fruits are useful foods for this purpose. Salads, cucumbers, cucumbers, green leafy salads, tomatoes, and lemons should be used regularly in every meal. Avoid cakes, pastries, sugars, and fats. Try not to eat at regular meal times.
The habit of walking and light exercise is a useful way to keep the body healthy and fit.

 the definition of illness, This method does not accumulate much fat and energy in the body. For young girls, jumping rope at home is a good exercise. To get rid of obesity, try to do as many household chores with your hands. A common method of measuring obesity is to measure the waist. If the waist is more than thirty-six inches, then you are obese.

Below are some prescriptions that have been found to be useful in eliminating obesity.
Honey helps a lot in weight loss. It is useful to take ten grams of honey daily with lukewarm water then gradually increase this amount.
It is useful to mix a teaspoon of honey and the juice of half a lemon in lukewarm water and drink it at short intervals.
A scientific study has revealed that cabbage contains tartaric acid which prevents the conversion of sugars and carbohydrates into fats, so it helps in weight loss.
The easiest way to eat it is to make a cabbage salad. Keep eating little by little throughout the day.
One hundred grams of cabbage has 27 calories of energy, while the same amount of wheat bread gives 240 calories of energy. It also feels full and is easily digested.

what is good health, Another good way to get rid of obesity is a salad. Wash the salad and cabbage leaves and spread them on a plate. Cut the fruits and place them on the leaves. Cut the tomatoes into rounds and chop the radish, carrot, and ginger. Spread it on the fruits and add gram. Cut pepper and green coriander and sprinkle on top. Squeeze lemons and add black pepper and salt. This salad is very tasty and nutritious.

Eat it with food, or eat it with tea in the afternoon, or instead of eating lunch, chew this salad instead of eating it with an equal amount of appetite.

Adding mint to tea reduces obesity.
Eating soaked gram lentils and honey daily in the morning reduces obesity.
People who are overweight should control their food intake.
Tomatoes are useful because they help the body get rid of harmful liquids and intestinal tracts. Eating raw tomatoes with onions on a daily basis can help reduce obesity.
Yogurt is useful in reducing obesity.
Buttermilk mixed with black salt and celery reduces obesity.
Drinking basil leaf juice mixed with honey and a cup of water reduces obesity.

 types of health, define disease, wellness definition, the definition of wellness, the definition of wellbeing, illness definition, the definition of illness, dimensions of health, what is good health, health Wikipedia, the importance of health,

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