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Geo News Urdu: Urdu News - Latest live Breaking News: Why do climbers climb peaks in winter?

 Pakistan news: Why do climbers climb peaks in winter?

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Geo News Urdu: Urdu News - Latest live Breaking News, In addition to the world's second-highest K2 in Akutan, other peaks above 28,000 feet had already been climbed in the winter, but this year the adventure has been a success.

Urdu News - Latest Urdu News - Breaking News from PakistanLocated on the Pakistan-China border in Gilgit-Baltistan, the world's second-highest peak, K2, has been in the global news in recent days, due in part to the history of ten climbers from Nepal in January. This is the first time I have climbed this peak in winter.

Latest Urdu News, Breaking News -  Daily Pakistan, K2 is 28,251 feet high and is the hardest thing to climb in the winter, according to climbers. After ten Nepalese climbers climbed the K2, other climbers are now trying to climb it in the cold.

News, latest news ... - BBC, The climbers include Muhammad Ali Sadpara of Pakistan, who went missing along with two of his comrades during the expedition, and a rescue operation is underway.

News18 Urdu: Urdu News | Latest and Breaking News in Urdu, There are 14 peaks in the world with an altitude of more than 8,000 meters, or 28,000 feet, which every climber wants to climb. Apart from K2, the other peaks have been climbed in winter and K2 was the only peak that was not climbed in cold weather, however, this year the adventure has been successful.

Daily Jang Urdu News | Pakistan News | Latest NewsThe question here is why the most difficult and risky adventure is done by climbers? And is mountaineering easy in the winter? To find answers to these questions, Independent Urdu spoke to officials from clubs that support adventurers in Pakistan.

Express News | Express-News Urdu | Latest Urdu News, The Alpine Club is a non-governmental organization founded in 1974 and helps promote mountaineering. Alpine Club chief Karar Haidari told The Independent Urdu: "Every climber wants to climb the peaks in the winter, and just as every athlete tries to do something new in other sports competitions, so does the climber." Let's do it. '

Daily Express Urdu Newspaper | Latest Pakistan News"Climbing any peak is a challenge for every climber, just as ten Nepali climbers made history this year by climbing the K2 in the cold, so now every climber wants to Let him head in the winter and set a record.

Pakistan Latest Urdu News Updates Headlines, According to Karar Haidari, records are also set in mountaineering, just as one of Nepal's ten climbers climbed the K2 without oxygen, so now every climber would want to climb without oxygen.

Urdu News - ARY NewsHe added: "Mountaineering is also a game and every climber wants to set a record. One person climbs to the top in less time and the other wants to reach the top in less time and this trend continues.

The risk of landslides is lower than in summer

Urdu News - Latest Urdu News Updates Today Pakistan, Climbers are said to have a lower risk of avalanches for climbing peaks in winter. When asked about this, Karar Haidari said that the low risk of avalanches in winter is definitely an advantage but there are many other dangers in winter.

Urdu News - Latest Urdu News - Breaking News in Urdu, He said that in severely cold weather, where temperatures reach minus 70 degrees Celsius and wind speeds are very high, the situation is more dangerous than landslides, but still a physically fit mountaineer. By accepting this challenge, we go to the top.

Saudi Arabia Latest News Today 7 February 2021 | Arab Urdu, Blue Sky Tours Operator is also a company that provides support to climbers. Ghulam Mohammad, the head of the company, told The Independent Urdu that more climbers have come to K2 this winter than last year. Of the ten Nepalese climbers who have climbed K2 in the winter, seven climbers were assisted by the same company.

Ghulam Mohammad said: "Last year about 12 climbers came to climb K2 in winter while this year about 48 climbers came to climb K2 and they are trying to climb K2 in winter too."

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