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FATF PAKISTAN : Will government measures stop Pakistan from being crushed?

 FATF: Will government measures stop Pakistan from being crushed?

FATF: Will government measures prevent Pakistan from being crushed? A three-day meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the global watchdog on money laundering and financing of extremists, is underway. It will review the progress made so far by the Pakistani government in its fight against money laundering and terrorist financing and decide whether to keep Pakistan on the gray list for a longer period.

FATF Pakistan, In the meeting held in October last year, Pakistan was put on the gray list by the FATF. It was decided at the meeting that Pakistan would be kept on the gray list till February 2021 due to the non-implementation of 6 out of 27 recommendations made by the agency to Pakistan in the past.

FATF grey list, A statement issued by the FATF said that the meeting would be held from February 22 to 25 with the participation of 205 delegates from 205 member states and international organizations. In a press conference on February 25, FATF President Marcus Player will announce the decision of the meeting.

Due to the Corona epidemic, it is being conducted through virtualization, ie the Internet.

On what basis will the decision to remove Pakistan from the gray list be made?

FATF Pakistan news, The FATF has made 40 recommendations to curb money laundering and extremist financing around the world, and member countries are placed on the gray or blacklist for implementation of these recommendations.

fatf Pakistan blacklist, When Pakistan was added to the gray list in 2018, Pakistan's financial system and laws were found to be in line with 13 of the 40 recommendations of the FATF, while Pakistan had one year to implement the remaining 27 recommendations. Was given However, by February 2020, Pakistan was able to implement only 14 recommendations, so Pakistan was given more time until October 2020 to implement the remaining 13 recommendations.

FATF full form,But the FATF meeting in October 2020 described the implementation of the six recommendations as unsatisfactory and identified four areas that needed further work, and provided Pakistan with additional time until February 2021. What

The four areas identified by the FATF are:

1) Pakistan's law enforcement agencies should demonstrate that they are not only identifying and investigating crimes related to the financing of terrorists but also those involved in these crimes and banned terrorist organizations, and their Legal action is being taken against those working.

2) Ensure that legal action is taken against individuals and organizations involved in the financing of terrorists, resulting in penalties for the complete elimination of these crimes.

3) Impose financial sanctions on terrorists listed on the UN list and those who support them in order to prevent them from raising funds and identifying and freezing their assets.

4) Pakistan should also ensure that institutions violating anti-terrorism laws, such as banks, receive administrative and civil penalties, and that provincial and federal agencies cooperate in this regard.

Ministry of finance pakistan notification,The ongoing meeting of the FATF will review the progress made in these four areas, after which it will be decided whether to keep Pakistan on the gray list for a longer period.

Pakistan grey list fatf,Foreign Office Spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry while talking to BBC Urdu said that Pakistan is committed to fully implement the recommendations of FATF and Pakistan has also worked hard for this. He further said that he hoped that the FATF would decide on the basis of merit and the efforts made by Pakistan would be appreciated.

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