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Coronavirus - WHO | World Health Organization : How long can you recover from a corona virus?

 Coronavirus - WHO | World Health Organization: How long can you recover from a coronavirus?

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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | CDC, How long can you recover from a coronavirus? The question often asked is how long does it take to recover from a new corona virus?

COVID-19, Answering this question, the British scholar said that these people are protected from corona virus for at least six months.

Symptoms of Coronavirus | CDC, According to Sidi magazine, UK Biobank has conducted a medical examination under its supervision. Scholars have concluded that antibodies remain high in the body of people who have survived the virus and remain safe for at least six months. These antibodies protect it from re-infection.

Coronavirus Update (Live): 105,906,775 Cases and, Professor Naomi Allen, who participated in the British research survey, said the study included people who had recovered from being infected with the new coronavirus. His medical examination revealed that he had stored 99% of the antibodies for three months, then re-examined three months later and found that 88% of the antibodies were safe in his body.
What Is Coronavirus? | Johns Hopkins Medicine, Professor Naomi Allen said the findings were consistent with other medical studies in the UK and Iceland. All studies have shown that antibodies are safe for many months in people who recover from the corona.
A medical review was also conducted of health workers in the UK Coronavirus in Pennsylvania - PA Department of Health, The results, published last month, show that those who recover from the new coronavirus are protected from the virus for at least five months, but a new finding in the study is that code 19 Healers can be infected again and can spread the virus to others.

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